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Originally Posted by OakDragon View Post
*dons fireproof suit*

I know I'm going to get a lot of flak for it, but I'd like to, at some point, see added support for female players, at least as far as facegen goes I have a female names file, but the addition of faces would be nice to have. Since the technology supports it and there's already a setting for it in the config files, it should be too difficult, I presume?
100% for it as long as it can be an option. Right now for my main league I play in I have the female names added to the names.txt converted from 11. Since women don't show up in my league until 2020, I change or delete any players with known female names. I do have Buttercup which we talked about and I do have a Marylyn, Sandy and Sue that i left since 1 of those goes both ways. Marylyn spelled differently sounded cool and Sue in honor of the Johnny Cash song, I gave him a Cash Fg.
I have tons well maybe 50 female facegens in my 2 facegen packs and have 200-500 more depending on how many i finish before opening day 2012.
there's also this that I think Kehowey linked to me originally that I love.
and yes i would love for the AI to naturally generate female fg's preferably with long hair.
FaceBank - A library of sample celebrity faces for FaceGen
this appears to have been updated the last time i visited, time to get some new Fg's.
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