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Originally Posted by Jontler View Post
It's possible we have different definitions of "run environment". I'm referring to the necessary calculations to properly determine wOBA, for starters.
Yes, that is true. The co-efficients in wOBA are not adjusted in OOTP, they are hard coded. That does not apply to all the other stats though, like WAR or VORP, they use proper league averages.

Set your league to use anything but 1-250 ratings. Go to the player search screen. Sort by contact in all batters. If you choose 1-10, for example, the very best '10' will be at the top, and they'll be sorted in order after that - thus removing the ambiguity of non 1-250 ratings in the first place.

The most egregrious thing here is that, in a talent-only league, you can still sort by actual ratings. It doesn't show the ratings, but it sorts properly. The best players are listed at the top.

This is a trivially easy bug to fix. When sorting by ratings or potential, sort the individual tiers (10s, 9s, etc) alphabetically instead of by ratings.
Ah, that one. Yes, that is fixed in OOTP 13.
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