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Originally Posted by Jontler View Post
The player sorting bug is clearly not a priority, though, or it would've already been fixed. Other issues take priority over it. I get that. And that's fine.
I liked how it was. I can see how those who want fog of war would dislike it, but not everyone disliked it. 1-250, 1-10, 1-5, stats-only, everyone has their own preferences. That we might not be able to sort from best to worst, in an online league or a solo league, tiers or not, would frankly suck IMO. I'm sure it sucks for stats-only online leagues now though so obviously a drop-down of what kind of sorting you want to allow would be better.

Originally Posted by Markus Heinsohn View Post
Uniforms. I like it that way to be honest.
How many owners have you seen in their team's jersey? I can only think of one (out of who knows how many): Mark Cuban. And Cuban's a clown if you ask me. Not that I think it's necessarily bad to have a clown owner or two (Bill Veeck certainly made the history of baseball more interesting), but I can't imagine (nor would I want to imagine) a world where all the owners in a league are clowns.

Originally Posted by hfield007 View Post
I'm not sure how others feel but I am hoping it doesn't get mixed. It would be like the MLB counting WBC stats toward a players totals or something.
Not that I've ever really cared about post-season stats, but not adding them to post-season stats would also be like not counting the World Series stats to players' post-season stats. Again, I myself don't really care, but maybe there should be an association stats grouping (like the post-season and spring training groupings etc).
Support the SP-only DH cause (at least for the AL).
See my decision file that now weights 30 factors. Yes, it's gone to extra-innings!

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