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And so now, Mayweather wants a 60-40 split of the purse, with Pacquiao getting 40%?? That's utterly, completely, absurd. It takes comedy to an entirely new level, and it is proof [if any more were needed] that Mayweather is primarily interested in playing head games, not boxing.

Why Pacquiao's camp continues to take this guy seriously is beyond me. He's a jerk. And that's putting it mildly.

Pacquiao should either retire and move on with his political career or whatever else he wants to do with his life, or fight Marquez again and then retire.

Marquez, at least, is true warrior and a sincere man who deserves a big payday and a chance to prove he is the better man, as his fans believe he is. Even many Filipinos don't believe Pacquiao won their last fight.

So, let's have Pacquiao vs Marquez one more time.
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