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Originally Posted by Nick Soulis View Post
The template for the league is already included in all OOTP versions. Just go to quick starts and it will be there. I did make some tweeks and changed the rosters to my liking, but the rosters are pretty complete and all the settings are already there.

I believe that all players are playing at their peak.

DOH! (Where's that Homer Simpson emoticon when you need it?) How did I miss this quick start? I used to do a similar thing with Tony LaRussa Baseball back in the day, but I had to key in all of the data to create the players. This sure looks easier.

Your idea to organize the two Texas teams into one is great. I think Tony Gwynn on the Angels fits really well too.

As a Cardinals fan, I have to nit-pick your choice of Andujar over Bob Forsch. However, you are right on to put Brock in CF given the corner outfield choices. I always used Slaughter in right and Musial in left, but getting Medwick into the lineup is a good call to give them another RH bat. **

I have derailed your thread enough, but I will be reading.

** EDIT: It just dawned on me that these were probably the AI's choices and not yours. Still interesting.

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