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Originally Posted by greenrebellion View Post
Finally got a chance to read the rules again. Few questions/comments.

Is the salary cap the only limiting factor financially, or will team revenues be driven by the game. In other words, will you set media revenue to $100MM to guarantee every team has the ability to spend to the cap?

Why not extend the playoff rounds, should be best of 7 wildcard round, best of 9 for the rest?

Random thought, but it would be fun to create more divisional competition. Example, get rid of all the xx of the year award prizes, and instead implement a divisional reward system. 1st gets x, 2nd gets 1/2x, 3rd gets 1/4x, 4th gets zero. And then obviously still payout out the champion and runner up on top of the divisional award.
I am against letting the team market make things unequal as far as money, so I would make the 100M a hard cap with media revenue edited to give each club that to spend (if I kept financials in the game). Otherwise, it could be kept separate from the game and basically bounce the payroll off the 100M number and disregard the ingame financials.

Why extend? I see no real benefit.

Payouts could be tweaked.

I'm not really looking for ideas on tweaking things at this point. I'm looking to gauge interest. We could (as a group) tweak things after we decide to go forward with this.
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