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Originally Posted by Le Grande Orange View Post
Uh, the point is to have 19th century play without having to do any of that. The fact that you have to do such workarounds is testament to the fact OOTP cannot do it on its own (which is what I said). It also strikes me as a little odd to want real 19th century transactions when you have to do such unrealistic things to the league structures.
The work around is easy to do and once its done u dont have to worry about the correct teams showing. Its just the same as modern expansion. Whats a pain is doing all the actual transactions for historical play. Its the same as it was for modern leagues before the transaction file helped.

Whats the difference between that work-around and the one that comes with the game. Its edited too. I think it just needs to be updated. Because i believe Garlon did it before we knew expansion would work. At the time we were just trying to get 19th century play into the game.
So if we make an updated database with the changes in abbreviation the game will handle it and next year maybe it could come with the game. But theres not much Markus can do if someone trys to us 5 man rotations in 19th century leagues and expect the same results as real life.
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