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Originally Posted by DB930 View Post
For all the high school studs that turn to duds, is the opposite ever true? Ever have a kid who was a 1-star late-round pick eventually turn into a ML All-Star?
Many, many times. We usually run a 30 round draft in the BJHL. I always have about 150-200 players on my draft list because late round picks do turn into superstars. These are a few examples on my current roster. We have been running for quite a while now so these players were not created in OOTP12 but I doubt it has changed that much.

[table=]Name,Age,Position,OVR/POT,Rating Progress,Aquisition
Moffit,31,CL,74/74,Stuff 4/8-Mov 1/7-Con 3/8,Undrafted FA
Garretson,29,3B,70/73CON 4/6-POW 5/9-EYE 4/7,247th Pick
Weatherhead,30,SP,72/72,Stuff 7/7-Mov 6/8-Con 5/7,381st Pick

I do not have ratings and potentials on Weatherhead from draft day. I have them from 9 months later. He had already done some developing at that point. I say this because the only way he would last this long is if he were a 20/20 player.

If anyone knows how to make a table in this forum software I could use a PM.
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