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Here is a 20 team schedule that is loosely based on the 1965 season. It is set up for 2 10 team leagues in one division but will work fine if you have 2 5-team divisions in each of your leagues.

It is a balanced schedule which has no interleague play - each club plays the other 9 teams in its league 18 teams.

Doubleheaders are removed so this schedule is nowhere perfect. April is a terrible month as soon teams have 3 and 4 off days while others play every day. However, I made every effort to ensure a decent schedule to close the season so you dont get those 1 game series at the end.

I just attribute all the April problems to bad weather- as if the games were all rained out. Feel free to improve on it if you can.

Also, it will work for any year you want to start but for the first season the year may display wrong on your schedule pages. It will correct itself in year 2 of your league.

I have some better schedules which I will upload soon.

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