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Thanks for all the fine comments - and no, I have no intention of stopping. In fact, I can't even estimate how long this thing will be. As I get immersed in the details of Dave's life the story takes longer to tell; the first chapters were relatively short compared to the last ones. I only hope Markus is reading it because all of my ideas for the game will eventually be represented.

I've been very busy at work these days (putting in a lot of OT). And I'm working a double tomorrow as well, so I'm posting the next installment a day early. I thought Chapter 13 would take me a long time to get a handle on, but it's been just the opposite: it's flying by as fast as I can write it. As a result, I'm a little ahead of the game (about three postings worth).

I haven't forgotten about the logos; I just haven't had the time to organize them. I also went searching for images of Moose, Dex, Yoogie and Cliff and found some interesting pics on the net. I'm still debating whether to include them in a "photo album" of Dave's career (like they do in autobiographies these days). Maybe you guys can give me a clue whether you want them or want me to leave it up to your imagination.

Anyway, here's part one of Chapter 12: Business As Usual

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