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Look here for historical schedules to import into OOTP6

EDIT: Seasons currently available are 1901-2005 (as of Mar. 19)

Here it is! The collection of historical schedules files ready for use in OOTP6 leagues is now available. The files are the original schedules of MLB in that respective year, as were published in various official sources. Each season will have its own post, with the basic information for that year along with a few interesting statistics pulled from that schedule.

The attached file in each post will be a small zip file containing the file for the schedule and a schedule notes text file which contains a variety of useful information. The notes file include, for example, matchup grids showing the number of games played by a team against the other opponents, a listing of each team's home games, the off days for each team, and shows the doubleheaders scheduled for each team in both a team-by-team and chronological format. This latter listing will be quite helpful, as it allows the player to quickly see when upcoming doubleheaders are in the schedule and thus run OOTP sims accordingly.

Keep in mind that many of these original schedule files do contain doubleheaders, as these were planned events incorporated into the actual MLB schedules from the outset. If in the future a no-doubleheader version of any particular season is made, it will be added to the appropriate season's post.

This project was a collaborative effort between myself and gmo. I supplied the original schedule files while gmo supplied the programming wizardry to change the files from my simple text format into the OOTP-compatible format, while also outputting a variety of statistical information about the schedules. It's taken awhile to get everything where we wanted it to be, but are glad to have reached that goal. We hope that you will find this project an enjoyable addition to your computer baseball experience.

It should be noted that the files posted here supercede the schedule files available at Retrosheet. During the work on this project, a number of errors in the existing files were uncovered and corrected, errors which resulted from either undiscovered misprints on the published schedules or typos which unfortunately slipped through. Due to the involved process used in getting the schedules proofed and released to Retrosheet, these errors have not yet been corrected in the Retrosheet files. I have to make the necessary documentation to detail and record all the corrections, which takes some time to do properly. But I pledge that I will eventually get everything done so that the Retrosheet collection of schedule files will be as up-to-date as what it is being released here.

Now on to the schedules...

NOTE: The 1878-1900 season schedule files for OOTP are also completed, but due to issues with the way OOTP handles 19th century baseball, in particular the league sizes and alignments, these seasons are going to be made available at a later time. There needs to be some consensus reached as to the best way of handling the majors' setup from the 19th century so that the schedule files can be set up accordingly.
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