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1910 MLB Original Schedules

16 teams, 8 teams per league, 1 division per league

Length: 179 days (AL); 185 days (NL)
Interleague: No
Format: Balanced
A team plays 22 games against each of the 7 other opponents in the league

Year starts on: Saturday
Season opens: Thur. Apr. 14
Season closes: Sun. Oct. 9 (AL); Sat. Oct. 15 (NL)
All-Star Game: none

Total scheduled doubleheaders: 31

Average home stand length: 8.6 games
Average of longest home stands: 21.7 games
Longest home stand: 28 games (SLN)

Average road trip length: 8.6 games
Average of longest road trips: 21.6 games
Longest road trip: 29 games (BRO)

Average stretch of consecutive play: 5.4 days
Average of longest stretches of consecutive play: 18.1 days
Longest stretch of consecutive play: 24 days (DET)

Series scheduled
1-game: 033
2-game: 044
3-game: 121
4-game: 172
5-game: 012
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