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1915 MLB Original Schedules

16 teams, 8 teams per league, 1 division per league

Length: 177 days
Interleague: No
Format: Balanced
A team plays 22 games against each of the 7 other opponents in the league

Year starts on: Friday
Season opens: Wed. Apr 14
Season closes: Thur. Oct. 7
All-Star Game: none

Total scheduled doubleheaders: 29

Average home stand length: 10.4 games
Average of longest home stands: 22.1 games
Longest home stand: 27 games (PHI)

Average road trip length: 10.4 games
Average of longest road trips: 21.6 games
Longest road trip: 28 games (PHA, SLA)

Average stretch of consecutive play: 6.4 days
Average of longest stretches of consecutive play: 17.2 days
Longest stretch of consecutive play: 20 days (CLE, DET, SLN)

Series scheduled
1-game: 023
2-game: 027
3-game: 113
4-game: 189
5-game: 012

Also included separately for this year is the 1915 Federal League schedule. This is for those folks who want to start a fictional league using the actual Federal League as the jumping off point.
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