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Born - Birmingham, England


Carney won the Brittish Lightweight Crown in an 1884 hard fought battle with Jacob Hyams when Hyams collapsed in his corner following the 45th round. He laid claim to the wolrd title when he stopped Jimmy Mitchell in the eleventh round. Both titles slipped from Carney's grip when he was disquallified in a bout with Dick Burge. Apparently, Carney was ahead when the referee awarded the bout to Burge on an alleged foul which the crowd dissagreed with. I do not know if skullduggery was claimed.

Carney fought a lot of exhibitions and non-queensberry matches as well. He had one terrible embarrassment in 1887 when he fought what was supposed to be a promotional bout with Mike Daly for a real bout the two were to fight the following evening. In three rounds, Carney was beaten so badly that he was unable to fight in the scheduled bout.
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