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Old 02-18-2012, 07:24 PM   #21 (permalink)
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Touche, AESP_pres.

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I wasn't asking if this could be added to the game.I thought that it was in the game because of the photos of the umpires in the photo pack.

It would add to the game to have umpire names in the box score.having varable
umps would add to the game also.

Didn't mean to start anything was just wondering how to add those photos to the game.
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Originally Posted by doors11 View Post
I wasn't asking if this could be added to the game.
This is the reason why I added "I don't talk about the topic openner who asked a legitimate question" to my post. My reply wasn't targeted at you
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Personally, I don't think umpire profiles is worth the coding time. But here is some food for thought on why it might be neat to have it included.

MLB Umpires – Who gives up the most runs? NatsStats
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i thought of it just as adding personality, don't need strike zones and all that, at most make some more prone to throw out a player but thats about it. Would just give you something else to track off and pretend with.
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If we're just talking about "in a perfect world..." scenarios, it'd be okay to have umps with unique "personalities." What I'd maybe like to see, if programing time were infinite, is umps and players who develop "histories" with each other. Like, if a guy gets tossed for arguing balls and strikes, maybe he's that much more likely to bitch and moan the next time they meet (and maybe that much more likely for the ump to toss him). It'd have to be a very subtle tweak or else I'd imagine it getting annoying.

It'd be sweet to see a player mouth off to the press about awful umping, followed by suspensions and fines. Just another little layer to make OOTP all the more immersive.
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Originally Posted by PSUColonel View Post
I do wish the game had umpire profiles though
I believe there used to be a card game called Pursue the Pennant which was a more complex version of the APBA card game, and I think it actually had different umpires that would affect the results. I didn't have the game so I'm not sure how the results were affected, maybe different amount of walks depending on how small the strike zone was. Anyway, umpire profiles would be an interesting addition.
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