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Introducing the Seamheads OOTP 13 Laundry League

The Seamheads OOTP 13 Laundry League is about to get underway. I encourage everyone to follow along as the action unfolds.

Laundry League home

Our ownership roster includes 4 ex-major leaguers (Jeff Montgomery, John D'Acquisto, Don Stanhouse, and Lary Sorensen), along with bloggers, writers, podcasters, and others from the world of baseball. A complete ownership list is below.

As the season progresses, Seamheads.com owner Mike Lynch and I will write articles covering all the action; he'll write about the AL and I'l cover the NL. All the articles will be posted here and at Seamheads.com.


- Brad

The teams and their owners:

American League:

AL East
Baltimore: Don Stanhouse (pitcher, 1972-1982: Rangers, Expos, Orioles, Dodgers)
Boston: Chris Mascaro (Thursday Night Tailgate host at blogtalkradio.com)
New York: Jay Ferraro (Actor (@JayFerraro) and host of The Nonsense Podcast on BlogTalkRadio/Stitcher & The Tebow Sports Show on FantasyTrade411 Radio (@TebowSportsShow))
Tampa Bay: Dan Drobnis (actor and co-host of The Tebow Sports Show on FantasyTrade411 Radio (@TebowSportsShow))
Toronto: Neate Sager (Yahoo! Canada blogger)

AL Central
Chicago: Eric Hartline (Owner, The Warning Sign: The Warning Sign | Providing words of caution since 2009!)
Cleveland: Daniel Shoptaw (C70 At The Bat and founder, Baseball Bloggers Alliance and United Cardinal Bloggers)
Detroit: Sam Adams (Director of Sports, SWX (Regional Sports Channel); @SWXSamAdams)
Kansas City: Jeff Montgomery (pitcher, 1987-1999: Reds and Royals)
Minnesota: John Sickels (writer and editor, annual Baseball Prospects Book; ex-ESPN.com columnist)

AL West
Los Angeles: Dan Heaton
Oakland: Shawn Anderson (Founder of The Hall of Very Good™ (hallofverygood.com) and contributor at The American Mustache Institute)
Seattle: Kurt Evans (Cubs blog Goat Riders of the Apocalypse: About | Goat Riders Of The Apocalypse)
Texas: Brittany Henderson (baseball fan)

National League:

NL East
Atlanta: Michael Engel (Kings of Kauffman podcast)
Miami: Caley Roark (writer, OperationSports.com)
New York: Kelly Gish (baseball fan)
Philadelphia: Eric Karabell (senior writer, ESPN.com, where he covers fantasy baseball and football)
Washington: Mark Ferraro (Pigskin Pundits host on the FantasyTrade411 Radio Network)

NL Central
Chicago: Eric Beato (Managing Editor, New England Baseball Journal and four other regionals sports publications)
Cincinnati: Jerry Crasnick (baseball reporter, ESPN Insider)
Houston: Brandon Williams (writer, Seamheads.com)
Milwaukee: Lary Sorensen (pitcher, 1977-1988: Brewers, Cardinals, Indians, Athletics, Cubs, Expos, Giants)
Pittsburgh: John Farris (co-host, Tailgate365 Radio: Tailgate365)
St. Louis: Bill Ivie (founder, I-70 Baseball and Full Spectrum Baseball: i70baseball.com and FullSpectrumBaseball.com)

NL West
Arizona: Michael Dobreski (founder, The Pesky Pole blog: The Pesky Pole)
Colorado: Gabriel Schechter (author, This BAD Day in Yankees History, Victory Faust, Unhittable!)
Los Angeles: Steve Malinowski (co-host, Tailgate365 Radio: Tailgate365)
San Diego: Vance Tucker (pitcher, 1988-1989: San Diego Padres farm system)
San Francisco: Steve Corino (pro wrestler World of Corino)
No longer PR and marketing manager for OOTP - see ThatSportsGamer, the new OOTP/MLBM community manager

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Seamheads Laundry League about to start back up after a Short hiatus, follow along on twitter by following @Maxito4000 or @ootpbaseball

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E: nevermind, I didn't notice the other thread for reports. :doh:

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