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Historical Players Retiring

I am new to OOTP, started with OOTP 12. I have found the forum very helpful, but I seem to have a problem I can't find the answer to. I started a 24 team draft league in OOTP 12 using real life players. I moved the league to 13 when the new version was released. I started the league in 2000 and everything went smoothly until 2011. When the league progressed from 2010 to 2011, a lot of players suddenly retired. Carlos Beltran, Jeter, Halladay, and many others. Under their profile, there are no 2011 stats, so for some reason, the 2011 stats did not transfer into the game. I checked the database, and the 2011 stats are there. Not sure what happened, anyone have any ideas?

I tried unretiring some of the players, but I don't think it will work because there are no 2011 stats. I have "Retire Players According to History" checked, as well as "Players Miss Seasons According to History". The database path is correct, OOTP13\data\stats, and the historical rookies imported correctly.
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My guess: at the time the players are created, they get their stats from the DB that you have in the game at that time. The data associated with those players never gets updated, no matter what you may do with the game later. Since you had the game set to retire them when they ran out of real life stats, they retired.

Just my sense of it.
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Would it help to turn off retire players according to history, or is it just not possible to run a league this way? My plan was to move the league to 2012 when OOTP 14 comes out, but it is starting to look like it won't work.
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