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Upcoming Minor League Free Agents

There seems to be very little penalty in signing upcoming minor league free agents to contract extensions, at least for those who will take a minor league contract. I'm wondering what others do with these guys.

Do you let them all walk when they are eligible for minor league free agency? Do you sign them all to extensions, then release those you don't want when the next season arrives? Or are you selective, signing extensions with only those you really think you will need next season?

I try to be somewhat selective, but usually sign several guys I end up releasing in the spring 'cause I don't really need them. It seems to me that there should be some kind of penalty for this...
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I am selective as well.

I enjoy having contenders for my higher level minor league teams. My A-AAA teams generally have solid prospects with lots of over 27 year old 'mentors'. These teams are very competitive in their leagues. My AA team has won the championship for four years straight.

It would be cool if the AI could furhter enhance player personalities where some players would be ok with re-signing a minor league deal at an age where they are not likely to make the Bigs and others would tell you to take a hike. In fairness, the game is already pretty close in relation to this request. I noticed this year in my league that a couple of older Single A players are demanding a major league deal only. So maybe if this trait could be turned up just a bit more? Of note, one of my minor league scrap heap specials was called up to the Bigs and started 8 games to patch a massive injury hole. The guy did quite well and contributed to a 103 win season.
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I will typically try to sign guys to an extension who were in Double-A or Triple-A as long as he wasn't over-matched at that level and I don't have a prospect at the same position who I'm planning to move up to that team.

Considering we get six years of minor leaguers (assuming we drafted them), if they aren't above Class A by then, there will probably be a better player on the free agent market who I can sign for a minor league deal, so that's why I only offer extensions to guys in Double-A or Triple-A. The exception is a guy who was signed at 17 or 18 years old and still has some prospect status, although those types are likely to be on the 40-man and could be tougher to sign to a minor league extension.

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I place a heavy emphasis on stats for people I resign to minor league contracts. But it isn't the only thing I look for. And I usually end up keeping them the next season, and not cutting them. Sometime if I know ahead of time that I'm going to have a position scarcity on next season's minor league team, that's a reason i may keep someone
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I generally resign any of them that don't play 1B or are relief pitchers, unless they're complete non-prospects (25 year old with 20 current&potential still in rookie ball). And I generally just don't cut players from my minor league system if the AI manager lets them play at A/AA/AAA. I play where the AI can promote/demote players in the minors, but can't make roster moves other than promotions/demotions and putting players on/off of the DL (and AI manager doesn't touch the active or 40-man rosters). I mostly only cut players from rookie leagues and short season, typically after they've turned 22 and my scout thinks aren't prospects. It leads to carrying more non-prospects, but I also have to sign fewer minor league free agents to fill holes.
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