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Little help needed, re: service time

In the first year of my new dynasty, there was a rule change that absolutely screwed me royally; service time required for arbitration was lowered to 2 years from 3, here is my question:

If a player has 1 year and 8 days of ML service time, what date do I have to keep him in the minors to make sure he doesn't achieve 2 years in that season?

It would be 11 days after opening day, right?
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Season length is what, 184 days or so? Service time requires 172 days for one year.

So since he already has 8 days of that 2nd year, he can only accumulate another 163 days to stay under two full seasons.

184 - 163 = 21 days

(replace 184 with however long your season actually is)

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I think nine days off the ML roster would prevent him from reaching 366 days (two years of service time).

But he'll probably still reach arbitration, as a "Super 2" (or a "Super 1" now, really).
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As always, I have something to say.


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I had the mound lowered in my league. I was worried about a more drastic effect than it actually had.
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