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Old 01-19-2012, 04:39 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Negro Leaguers import problems

Importing of Negro League players in OOTP 11 is not working for me? I have never run into this.
For example, I am in 1907 in-game. I run up to the draft pool import, a player like Spotswood Poles imports no problemo, real life stats & all.
But if I try to import him manually, he shows up with no real life stats???
I have tried real stats, neutralized stats, pointing to the master.csv, pointing to the ODB, it just doesn't work.
I have also tried different DB's- Gambo/Spritze ver. 3, Spritze HS one, Spritze real debut one, etc.
There are occasional players that work- Pop Loyd seems to be one- but for the most part, Candy Jim, Spots, Rube Foster... I'm getting the same issue- importing with no real life stats.
Have done tons of importing, tons of manual editing to import players at different times, I know just enough to be incredibly dangerous & muck things up beyond repair, but I have never run into this issue.
Has anyone heard of this one? Is there a setting on somewhere I may have mis-clicked? Were some of the Negro Leaguers a little wonky in the 11 DB's?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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C'mon guys, somebody must have run into this. There has to be a simple explanation.

To recap:
-Certain players (seems like just the Negro Leaguers) are importing with their names, but NOT real life stats.
-Strangely, the same players that will not import manually import just fine as part of a rookie class.
Example- I run up to the day the 1907 draft imports. The class imports fine, including, for example, Spottswood Poles who imports WITH his real life stats. At that instant (or any other) if I attempt to manually import Poles? He imports with his name and NO real life stats.
-I have now tried this with nearly every version of the multiple OOTP 11 DB's out there and am finding the same problem (not with every Negro Leaguer, but a lot of them.)
-Have imported multiple historical players from multiple DB's in multiple versions of OOTP before. Never seen this happen.

Is it unique to OOTP 11? I can't believe it's a DB problem, I have used probably every version of the Spritze, Gambo & Gambo/Spritze- even the old ARod/Garlon ones going back to OOTP 6.5 & have never run into this.

I HAVE to believe it's just some weird thing I am totally missing. I HAVE to believed I am the idiot here. Please, please, please show me that I am.

PS- This started as a problem in an online league I am in, that is why we need to import some players manually, no interest in switching DB's mid-stream.
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