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Bat Boy
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SABO - New MLB League

Full League Name (Initials): Simulated American Baseball Organization (SABO)
Forums (where all the action takes place): website in development
Reports URL: website in development

OOTP Version: OOTP 13
Players: 2014 opening day (when available)
Sims: Tuesday/Thursday | 8 days/7 days

I have not been an active online player, but I am an experienced sim-league administrator. I currently run the Sim Auto Racing Association (http://www.simautoracingassociation) on iRacing, and have been involved in eSports off and on for a decade.

I won't run a team in the league - I feel that helps avoid any favoritism accusations - but I will be active in helping make the league as enjoyable and competitive as possible.

Former league admins/commissioners and league presidents are encouraged to join.
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I'll gladly take the Cubs
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I would take the Jays...once your up and running...
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