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Earlier versions of OOTP: Suggestions and Feature Wish List Let us know what you would like to see in future versions of OOTP! OOTPBM 2006 is in development, and there is still time left to get your suggestions into the game.

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Bat Boy
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View current market value for comparable players during contract negotiations

It would be nice to be able to view the current market for a particular position when negotiating an extension or new contract. For example, my 2B is looking for 6yrs at 18m/yr. I'd love to keep him but I have no real idea of the current market for players of his ability at his position.

How about something akin to Baseball-Reference where you can see similar players? Give me some stats and contract values and what the market would bear and I'm a happy GM.
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PSUColonel (11-29-2012)
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It may not be perfect but you can sort by player demand and position within the game. See the screenshot below. If you were to sort by 2B you could at least see what each player is asking for.
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So much for personality. Albert Belle, a complete nut job was never traded and was the highest paid player in the game, twice!
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Bat Boy
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Thanks. That gets me closer but it's only free agents. I imagine I could show all players and sort by position to get a better idea of the market. I'll try that tonight.

Ideally, I would like to see a line or two on the negotiating screen that shows the current market value and avg contract length for, say, 2B's of similar talent (and a stat or slash line). Maybe a button to go to a detailed list of the current market for 2B's.
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Bat Boy
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Got home from work, booted up ootp, listed all players and sorted by position (2B), then looked at financial info and sorted by salary and/or contract value. This got me real close as I could see what the market is but I still had noise from players whose original positions were not 2B. So I selected all the 2B's, shortlisted them and went to my shortlist. There I found I could compare players and also find info about comparable players (by age too!). I could compare stats and ratings which was awesome. but alas no financial info.

So I amend my original proposal to request that GM's be able to compare financial status on the shortlist page.

I love this game!
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