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Sebastion - If/when the game gets to the level where we can have fictional universes and careers, will you consider incorporating FaceGen into the game?

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FaceGen with missing teeth?
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And the game adds playoff beards automatically
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Some day we will certainly incorporating FaceGen into the game, but we can't promise FacGen for the first version.
It's above all a question of licensing costs.
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Cryomaniac (10-27-2011)
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Facegen is a must imho.

I want this game to be somewhat interface similar to OOTP and having facegen makes the immersion level 10 fold in OOTP, imo.

Having players change jerseys after being traded would be sweet.

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CNOSLIM (07-15-2012)
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From a technical standpoint it is easy (as we could take the code from OOTP) but as Malte wrote, we need to purchase an additional license so we can not give a final answer at this moment. But be assure, we will try everything to make it possible as it would be real sweet to have it in version 1.
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Yes facegen in ootp is great but what i enjoy even more is customizing my teams jerseys and adding different logos to those jerseys. Facegen allows me to do that in ootp.

If we could still have our teams jerseys (with the players number) as the default picture for player profiles i'd be just as happy and maybe moreso (read on)

Taking that a step further if we could edit these jerseys in game (similar to ootp) and have it save in the history as "Home Jersey worn from 1999 - PRESENT" would be a very cool feature.

Something like that could apply for logo changes too. so in a club history screen have the Logo History and Jersey History. This is itself would be a big feature in making the user feel like he's in control. Oh and have you seen the following for Icethetics Blog? A feature like that will attract some of their attentions as well...and the best part is that their is no lisence to purchase.

EDIT: Maybe i should call them "sweaters" and not "jerseys". I'd hate to upset Don Cherry
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