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Youth Development

Hey everyone,

just one random thought on developing young players. We all know that in North America, Major Junior leagues have their own "Import Drafts" and are eligible to sign junior players from overseas as well as "homegrown" players.

However, these franchises within the Major Junior leagues are franchises of their own and do not "belong" to some other team that uses them to develop youngsters.

In Europe, though, things are quite a bit different. Typically, a pro team from a European elite league (SEL, SM-Liigaa, NLA, Extraliga etc) has its own youth academy and develops players from there. Most of the players come from somewhere in the vicinity of the team's actual city, but some others are brought in from other junior affiliates as well.

One thing these "academies" have in comming is this: the more money the pro team invests in the facilities, coaching staff etc., the better players they produce. Of course, it also relies heavily on the region and the general interest for hockey in the specific country and Germany most likely will never produce a player of, say, Datsyukian quality. But typically, the teams with the most money are able to "create" more and better developed young players on their own, so to speak.

How will this be handled in FHM?
FWIW, I am an excessive player of an online hockey management game and there you can expand your facilities for the youth academy from Level 1 to 7 with each expansion becoming more expensive than the previous one. After that, you can "demand" the academy to develop players and pay according to a certain, fixed tableau.

Eg.: Your facilities are on Level 4, which enables you to develop young players (18-21 yo) up to a strength of 50 (using a 100-scale; strength of 10 is always guaranteed to be possible to develop). You demand a player of maximum possible strength, so he'll be in the 40-50 region, but he'll cost you about 1 Mio. . His development takes one full season and he'll join your team then.

This is a bit dumbed down from true-to-life youth development, of course. Nevertheless, I think a system like this would be rather comforting and should be possible to code without it being too much of a problem.
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Knowing what OOTP puts out, I would imagine it would be less simplistic than what you just described. Obviously this is just my imaginings, but from what OOTP plays like I would imagine it may work more like international scouting in OOTP. You hire a scout and tell him what areas to scout. He then reports back with players he finds.

It could also be more like EHM where you could request to hold try-out camps.

Obviously I dont know for sure, but like I said, I would expect it to be a little bit more complex than what you were describing
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Any answer to this from the devs maybe?
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I'd also like to know how this is going to work in FHM. It would add so much to the game when coaching in the European leagues (which is basically the only thing I'm going to do).
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