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What kind of Computer do you recommend for these games?

Fixing to build a new computer, I mostly use it surfing the web, occasionally watching videos, and occasionally Microsoft office programs.

But my main use is OOTP. Been playing for over 10 years now, I've usually been in 2 online leagues a every year that sim daily. I think the grind of downloading files has worn down my hardrive. But overall my CPU is outdated and looking to put some money into a new one. I also plan on playing the football sim next year, 'beyond the sidelines.' So I'm in the market for a powerful desktop.

My goals are...
I7 4770k processor 4th Gen
At least 8 GB of RAM, leaning towards 16GB. Would 32GB be way to much for what I use?
1 TB Hardrive

Motherboard - My knowledge really lacks in this area. I have no clue what to go for, prices range wide for these babies but was looking along the lines of a "GIGABYTE GA-B85M-D3H" They are the low end of motherboards but trying to keep my cost down. These go for around $75 on NewEgg. For my uses, should I shell an extra 100 bucks or so for an upgrade?

Might install a SSD as a second HD, a 120 GB Toshiba Q Series is under a $100...not sure if its worth it, would appreciate thoughts on this. I've never had a SSD. I know it speeds up boot time, but would it also speed up OOTP?

Video Card - These things can be pricey I see. I'm probably going on the low end...maybe a 2GB GeForce GDDR3 630 or less. With OOTP as my only gaming, I shouldn't need a fancy one.

Power supply - Most likely go with 500w, 600w may be overkill for my uses.

Heat Fan - Probably go with a cheap Arctic Freezer 7 Pro. I'm not sure how much a higher price fan would make.

Really appreciate any thoughts/concerns/suggestions on any or each component. This is my first time building my own desktop. Trying to keep my cost below $900

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Question: Why get a desktop when a laptop will get the job done? Not to mention, the prices have generally flipped over the past few years...laptops are cheaper than desktops nowadays.
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I like the "power" of a desktop. Plus Laptops are great if you are going to be moving around with your computer, but I have an Ipad for that. This computer is always going to be stationary in my home. Plus I like a big (20-24in) Monitor...most of the bigger screen laptops are pricey.
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An iPad can't play OOTP. Just about any computer can play OOTP. I'd never buy a desktop again. I have a $299 Toshiba a $1300 Lenovo and a $1500 (3 years ago) Toshiba Qosmio. The Qosmio is too big to take on the road and the cheap Toshiba does not have the resolution I want. The Lenovo is my road machine. Slugga27 has it right. Laptops rule unless you have some really high end need that the architecture of a desktop will satisfy.



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