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xarxa 05-13-2011 06:04 PM

Swapping "Overpaid Veterans"
I understand why a team may not want to give me a cheap but terrible prospect for, say, Travis Hafner ($12.5M/yr, 3yrs), a DH with a withering bat. But what if I tried to trade him for, say, Vernon Wells ($18M/yr, 4yrs), or someone else who is grossly overpaid?

When attempting this trade in a fresh league, the Angels say they won't accept an overpriced vet. Also, my manger says that he wouldn't do the deal because we're getting an overpriced vet. But Wells is a greater burden per year and overall than Hafner, so I would think that money shouldn't be a reason the Angels object to this trade. Sometimes teams swap problems in reality and I think being able to do so in iOOTP would be nice.


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