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MLB Manager - Suggestions Please help us to improve the game and post your suggestions / ideas in this forum!

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Bat Boy
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Infield/Outfield Settings

Posted in a thread on another board but more appropriate here perhaps:

Just purchased the iOOTP app and I'm loving it. Very happy to have a true sim on my iPad. Congratulations and thank you for making it happen.

Having said this, I have one item that I would very much like to see in a future release and would really appreciate. After setting infield or outfield options the manager cannot see that anything has been changed. Example: select "infield" and the pop up menu appears. Select "infield in" and there is no visual evidence that in fact the infield is "in." This is the same for any of the options selected.

It is very important as the manager that I can see any infield/outfield changes that I have made until such time as they are no longer in affect (I'm assuming 1 batter). But more importantly is that I see any infield/outfield changes the AI has made. it makes all the difference in the world if my AI opponent has brought the infield in whether I decide to squeeze a runner home. Could you please consider an on the field display showing the status of the infield/outfield?

Finally, in a nice to have, showing ball flight as in the computer version would be a terrific upgrade.

Thanks for your consideration.

If an on the field display is not possible, maybe the button color or wording color in the button could change to indicate that an infield/outfield option has been selected and is in effect. And when the popup menu is displayed the option in affect would also have a different color.
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The IF/OF settings will Be displayed in 2012. It will be the first thing I add.
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Thank you for this post:
burrwick (10-22-2011)
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Bat Boy
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Originally Posted by Sebastian Palkowski View Post
The IF/OF settings will Be displayed in 2012. It will be the first thing I add.
Thanks Sebastian for the quick reply. Very happy to hear. I'm new to the iOOTP app but love what I'm seeing and look forward to whatever great improvements you have in mind for the future.
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