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OOTP Dynasty Reports Tell us about the OOTP dynasties you have built!

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Minnesota Strugglin' And Dreamin'

When I looked through the roster ratings for everyone in OOTP 16, I was shocked to see how bad Minnesota was rated. I know they have a ton of prospects, like Buxton and Sano, but seriously when Phil Hughes is the top SP with 2*.....that deserves rebuilding. There is nothing I love more to do than to rebuild pitching. So that is why for my new Dynasty, after multiple failed attempts to have one, I decided to actually try to stick with one and do a Minnesota Twins. I am also just the GM, so I cannot legit move people around the bullpen, which will suck, but it causes more of a challenge.

The Owner right away told me his goals

This year upgrade our 3B (I feel totally BS about this since we have Plouffe and Nunez, although Nunez isn't too good, but is a good backup.)

This year play close to .500 (Oh boy. With this roster 70 wins would be great. This is gonna be a tough year and I know this, so I'm gonna hope pray and shoot for 70.)

Keep building the team up and reach the playoffs in 4 years (Yeah I can do that!)

Ok I took my 25 man roster and highlighted by how I feel about them.

The Yellow= People I do not want to get rid of. People I can build around.

The pink are my undecided people. I don't know what I want to do with them.

The light red are the people I want to take behind a tree a shoot in the head. Too much cap space on so little talent, especially Nolasco. Who the hell thought Nolasco was a great idea? Nunez is on this team because I need an upgrade and he seems like an ok piece to have as a trade bait.

The Green are people I have no feelings for or against, that if they are replaced I'm not worried.

These are the free agents I plan on at least being in the running for signing. I'll probably miss out on one of Marmol or Wilson, but our Relief Pitching is absolutely terrible. I want to make some trades for RP, but it won't be easy.

This is my trade wish list. If you noticed, I put a mix of mostly AAA people and MLB people. I have Zito there because I can see him being a good reclaimation project. Someone like Kazmir a couple years ago, or a Masterson who is on a one year deal and if we somehow are doing good, get a SP as a rental. Fuld and Brentz are both good 4th/5th outfield options. I plan on getting one of Graveman or Roach within the first month.
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April 6th: Twins vs Tigers


Yeah I 100% expected a blowout. I was 100% right. It was a blowout.

I bet you expected us to be blown out. So did I. We ROCKED Price. It was ridiculous. We batted 9 players in the first and the second innings. It was absolutely amazing to watch, and I absolutely did not expect to win. It was wonderful, and Rajai Davis threw Hunter out at home so it could hav easily been even more in the 1st without the throw out. Ridiculous and amazing. Hughes was great too, never really got in big trouble.

Around the League: Ian Desmond is out for 3 weeks with a knee sprain.
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April 7: Twins vs Tigers

NOwhich is what we say when he pitchesLASCO VS VERLANDER

Yeah you know how last night was a blow out? This was even worse. Damn we are talking a 10-0 blowout! Except we were on the wrong side of this one. The bats went randomly cold, and No(please)lasco got rocked in 4.1 throwing 7 runs. Duensing threw 2 runs in 2.2, and Boyer allowed 1 in 1.0. Just ugh.

Around the league: Jose Valverde is now Jose Valverde as he signs a minor league deal with the Twins. (I saw an opportunity to possibly bolster our crap Bullpen. Couldn't have said no to that.)

April 8th: Twins vs Tigers


Closer game than the other two. This one ends in a 5-3 win for us. Gibson pitched well for us, 7.0 and 3 ER. Anibal for the Tigers also pitched ok, 5.0 and 3 ER. It took until a 2 run 9th on Al Alburquerque for us to win 5-3.

Around the League: Miami and Texas do a trade.

Marlins recieve:
Yovani Gallardo
3 mil

Rangers recieve:
Jordany Vadespin
RHP Jorgan Cavaniero
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