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Dr. P.R. Park III 04-30-2010 02:23 PM

World of Baseball 11 - It Will Smash Your Face
7/10/2011: World of Baseball 11 2.0 Re-Posted!
http://www.sendspace.com/file/w8gilv and http://www.megaupload.com/?d=YFOM617J


This version contains:

1.) All North American independent leagues are added (Frontier, Can-Am, GBL, ULB, Continental)...these teams are empty by default (again to absorb the eventual massive free agent pool) but all will host "Try-Out" drafts on April 1st, each draft is 15 rounds. I suggest after the first year, to disable the independent amateur drafts, to keep the size of the universe more manageable.
2.) The Japanese Independent Baseball Independent Association - this is a newly formed Independent baseball association from Japan, that features the Kansai, Shikoku-Kyushu, Baseball Challenge and Japan Future Baseball Leagues. This serves as yet another battleground for fringe ballplayers.
3.) This version features additions to the games "schools" database, which now includes HS/Colleges/Industrial teams (as colleges) for Japan, S. Korea and Taiwan. Thanks to Myusu, who helped provide additional information for the Japanese schools. The S. Korea and Taiwan schools do not have city or region information. If anyone is interested in providing that information and adding it to the file, please let me know.

Special thanks again to Davwms and No Pepper, who both did all of the Japanese Independents logos and jerseys.

I'll keep up the previous versions link (which is also located at Padresfan) for those that do not want the expanded universe.

5/13/10: World of Baseball 11 1.1 Posted!


Posted version 1.1, which fixes remaining MLB affiliation problems, and also includes photos (credit goes to lukasberger, Blayze, Linih, Afterburner, I apologize if I forgot anyone)

Here is a link to Lukasbergers Independent photo pack:
Thanks Lukasberger!

It's now available at PadresFan.

This is a behemoth universe, about 200 MB. Make to sure actually read the read-me. Post any suggestions/impressions in this thread.

I hinted at the rebirth of the World of Baseball series in another thread...here's the official thread where I will explain a bit more in detail.

World of Baseball 11 (it will only be for OOTP 11) includes:

1.) CubbyFan's roster set including the MLB+MiLB (NOT UPDATED)

2.) Afterburner's NPB and KBO rosters

3.) Linih's CPBL roster set

4.) Real rosters and ratings for the Atlantic, Northern, and Mexican League, and also the American Association.

5.) The ratings for the above leagues were created using my own personal system of MLE's, that's all I'm going to say about that.

This set DOES NOT include:

1.) Any European Leagues
2.) Updated MLB rosters built off of CubbyFan's set
3.) Prospects for the 2010 MLB Draft

Also included is an independent template, which features the Frontier, Can-Am, Golden Baseball, United League, and Continental Leagues. I suggest if you use it, after you add it to the universe, to mass delete all of the players on those teams, to allow the teams to soak up the free agent pool.

I plan on eventually adding the independent Japanese baseball leagues, and possibly some European leagues. Please let me know what you think.

linih 04-30-2010 06:37 PM

If necessay, I can help you with the newest CPBL photoset! Hope it helps!

Lukas Berger 04-30-2010 07:03 PM

Sweet! Absolutely fantastic news. Just great. I'd love to help with the photo's but...I just learned how to make facegens so I'm hyped up about that now. And I'll probably use facegens in the universe.

How many pics are you talking about? If it's something I could bang out fairly quickly I might be willing. Especially as a token of my appreciation for all of the great WOB's you've made.

mgom27 04-30-2010 07:04 PM

How about Frontier League?
His updated is as of today I think.
Cuban League?

Dr. P.R. Park III 04-30-2010 07:17 PM

The photos are really basic...just cropping and resizing mostly, maybe cleaning up some of the photos. I have an entire photo pack already for the Mexican League, courtesy of MILB. The independent leagues though, are much different, as each different team has their own goofy idea of individual photos (if they have any at all).

Linih, I'd love to use your photo pack, I was going to have to recycle crappy images from last years WOB for the CPBL.

The universe structure is locked, meaning I won't be adding any more new leagues, for purposes that only I need to know. Take comfort knowing that you'll be getting a little more well-rounded and realistic universe, where some of the more fringe and deadbeat players can still thrive after they fall from their MLB thrones...

I just hope Markus would put independent leagues into the game. Up until this point, all of my work is pointless.

Lukas Berger 04-30-2010 07:38 PM

Well, I'd be willing to do some cropping and resizing for sure. Send me a pack and I'll get to work in between making some facegens.

Dr. P.R. Park III 05-01-2010 11:19 AM


I'll send you a PM on late Sunday and I'll get you the pack. Thanks for the help!

attackemu 05-01-2010 09:49 PM

Can't wait!

chezboots 05-02-2010 01:10 AM

What's the ETA on this?

Dr. P.R. Park III 05-02-2010 12:08 PM

There isn't an ETA...just keep checking to see if it's released.

chezboots 05-02-2010 05:11 PM


Originally Posted by Dr. P.R. Park III (Post 2961849)
There isn't an ETA...just keep checking to see if it's released.

If you need any help to get it out faster let me know. This is exactly the world I'm looking to play, I think I'm using last years releases to try and create it anyway, I love your world of baseball releases! It seems we have the same style of play. Instead of me trying to edit my own I can help you just let me know. Thanks.

Dr. P.R. Park III 05-03-2010 06:54 PM

I've got all of the independent leagues rosters/ratings done...now I'm just testing the LTM's and player movement, etc. All I've got to do is iron the finer details out a bit, and add graphics. The tests so far look pretty good. I hope with the game that once the player is 1-2 years in, they might be able to create empty versions of the Frontier and Golden Baseball leagues, because the free agent pool will be very healthy.

chezboots 05-03-2010 08:54 PM

Sounds great! Can't wait. I started playing around with Facegen so i'll keep playing around with that and wait for your release. That is an awesome idea about adding other leagues later with a deeper pool. The only thing I'll probably add when I play is feeders, I'm excited about people going from HS to college feature. Thats for all the great work. It really makes this game enjoyable for me!

chezboots 05-05-2010 01:07 AM


Originally Posted by linih (Post 2960769)
If necessay, I can help you with the newest CPBL photoset! Hope it helps!

Can you point me in the direction of your CPBL Photos? I'd like to take a crack at Facegen creation for CPBL but photos are hard to come by. Thanks.

Dr. P.R. Park III 05-05-2010 01:06 PM

Wanted to post some interesting trends I'm noticing in early tests of the universe:

1.) I have purposely set the MLB to have a real 50 round amateur draft. In correlation with the 50 rounds, I have also set roster limits for the MLB's Rookie level leagues...this results in quite a few of draftees being immediately dumped, or being swiftly dumped (I've seen quite a few players only get a 1-2 game opportunity in the minors before they're dumped, and every player I've noticed did terrible. This isn't really unrealistic.)

2.) The very promising thing about the fresh, young free agent pool is that the independent leagues are snatching them up. After 1-2 years of simulation, the free agent market swelled to over 2500 in January. But after putting two more "empty" independent leagues (meaning I just mass delete all of the default fictional players associated with the new teams, so the teams absorb the current free agents), the two leagues quickly snapped up players. I added the Frontier League (with age limit) and Can-Am League, and all teams signed enough player within the month, and by February the free agent pool is around 850.

3.) Most of the players on indie league rosters by now are former MLB draftees who were released (very realistic) or former MLB farmhands who were released/granted free agency (also very realistic).

The only significant drawbacks to this is it's painstakingly annoying and tedious to do this process (should be unnecessary), teams will still hoard players for their reserve rosters (should be able to set it to lower then 15) and even without an amateur draft selected, the game still creates annual free agents for each independent league, which infuses the universe with unnecessary nobodies (in the real world, players don't just appear out of nowhere, they have a history, whether it's HS/College).

I'm still testing the universe, I'll post any other significant observations soon.

chezboots 05-05-2010 02:13 PM

Sounds great, except of course for the nobodies. Do you think adding feeder leagues might cure this problem? Although it would add a huge amount of teams.

What about the available personel? Is that up in the thousands also? They really need a Mass select for available personel.

William Satterwhite 05-05-2010 02:13 PM

Perhaps you could just set a 1 round entry draft for each independent league, that would somewhat replicate the tryouts that those leagues have and if I'm not mistaken, those players should still have generated college stats. (also, if I understand the way the system works, those generated prospects should be of lower quality than the MLB draft prospects).

In your experiments have you experienced any issues with the service time "bug"? Are players spending 3+ years (if you've tested that far) in the independent minors or do they latch back onto MLB organizations before accruing too much service time.

Dr. P.R. Park III 05-05-2010 03:55 PM

I don't think feeder leagues will alleviate the problem...they would probably just add more weight to the universe, which as you could probably tell, is already at a breaking point. Perhaps my favorite new feature for OOTP 11 is the player-generated stats and college database, which IMO, compared to feeder leagues, is very light-weight on your universe (as far as I can tell the feature doesn't bog down the game with reports and etc. like feeder leagues do). The way I make the distinction between the two is I compare the pre-generated stats to virtual, whereas feeder leagues are physically a part of your universe.

That's a really good idea. I don't know what the default number of free agents generated is compared to hosting a 1-round annual draft, but I'd bet far less players are created using your idea. I'll find a stopping point soon and jot down how many players are in the universe, and then do another test later with the amateur draft idea implemented, and compare the two.

As for the service time bug, I've tried to monitor this closely. I finally discovered a very useful way to sort of "See Where They're At" was to look under each independent leagues History, and look at the "Active and Retired Players" tab...and then just sort by league level...surprisingly the Atlantic League has the most players make it back into the MLB (most of them were former MLBer's anyway e.g. Josh Phelps, Edgardo Alfonzo) and also has the most players make it into Organized baseball. So far what I have observed is pretty logical behavior by the AI for the most part, signing players who did considerably well in the indie ranks, and placing them in the mid-levels of the minors (A or AA), but a few have made it to AAA. With that said though, with an universe this big, I can only observe so much since there is so much data.

Lastly, a big bummer for me, and maybe a few of you, is the over-inflated personnel. While compiling this universe, I've had to overlap templates, and in doing so, the game just overlaps personnel. I've done my best to limit duplicate players (thanks to Mr. Mass Select) but unfortunately, Mr. Mass Select's jurisdiction stops there, and for some unknown reason, doesn't apply to personnel. So, all personnel is duplicated, multiple times. But, compared to last years, this is minor, because last year I failed to realize templates overlap, and there were 3-4 copies of each player (active or retired)!

chezboots 05-05-2010 04:51 PM

I have sort of found a fix for bloated personel. But it has to be done at start of world. If you start a MLB quickstart it starts with a few hundred available personel. Take the Original coaches.dat that the quickstart creates and back it up somewhere. Then add all other templates and it will add duplicates and more personel. But once all leagues are added to your world put the original coaches.dat into your save folder and it will give you the original few hundred personel. But then you have to edit the coaching staffs of each team added from templates. It's alot of work but it cleans up the personel file and basically its just editing the coaching staffs of the independent teams.

Dr. P.R. Park III 05-05-2010 05:32 PM

I've learned the hard way with previous versions of OOTP, that messing with the .dat files is always a recipe for disaster. I also forgot that stadiums up to this point have also been duplicated. I'm not willing to completely start over, just to clean up stadiums and personnel, I've put too much work in the existing world. The game is and forever has been, extremely temperamental when it comes to cutting and splicing templates, and playing with it's innards. What I will do is test the amateur draft suggestion, come to a conclusion, and create a stable build from those results. Then I'll do a long-term test with that build, and take it from there. The reason I test so much, is not only to get desired AI behavior and league interaction, but to make sure it works in the long-term. It's not uncommon for a game to work one day, and then suddenly become corrupt. Again, I have learned all of this the hard way.

Ultimately, once I have a stable final build, I'll grab a coaches.dat and stadiums.dat from the quickstart, and plug them in and test them out. If they're remotely funky, I'll just release the original product.

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