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Kiwifan 10-19-2014 01:52 AM

New Eden Baseball
Hey I don't know if there are any EVE online players out there playing OOTP. Someone mentioned it in another post - http://www.ootpdevelopments.com/boar...tic-world.html

Just want to see if there are enough people that might be interested in working on this project. The main job would be collecting the names.

Anyway interested to see if there are any other Pod-pilots out there. ;)

Kiwifan 10-19-2014 02:11 AM

Maybe I should explain it for those not famialir with EVE as you may still be interested in playing baseball in space! Well not actually in space - as that would be impossible to simulate.
Anyway....EVE is a MMORPG set in space. The basic premise is that humans developed space travel and they ability to travel through a wormhole near earth. They started to populate the other side of the worm-hole. After a period of time the worm hole collapsed resulting in no contact with Earth. The settlements on the other side of the worm hole developed independently from each other and completely independently from Earth.

The result being four "empires" of humans in space - The Gallente Federation, the Caldari State, the Amarr Empire and the Minmatar Republic.

Kiwifan 12-18-2014 04:46 PM

So I have created my files - 500 first and last names for each of the four factions. And a 500 cities :)

Will update with some of my best player names soon.

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