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Jordan Kyrou 07-09-2018 03:56 AM

Suggestion: Positions on the Umbrella Powerplay
Right now there are static positions for the powerplay lines: LW - C -RW - LP - RP. However, when running an Umbrella powerplay, the positions should be more clear: Net-front, Slot/Bumper, Left Wall, Right Wall, Point. As it is currently labeled, it's really difficult to understand where you are putting your players. Changing the powerplay tactic (umbrella, overload, etc.), should change the name and effect of the positions available so that when running an overload, you have two pointmen, but when running an umbrella you only have one.

Also, any chance of creating a powerplay like Washington's that transitions between overload and umbrella smoothly; maybe some kind of hybrid? Having left and right wall players be able to be snipers/playmakers, net-front as screener, bumper/slot as garbage collector, and pointman as quarterback, perhaps.

Additionally, there needs to be a way to put forwards on the point without the game checking their ability to play LD or RD, and the ability to play a RD on the left wall / LD position on the powerplay for one-timers.

Lastly, is there any way to run multiple scoring lines so that your second and third lines have offensive role options? Right now I'm left with playmaker as the most offensive category available - leaving no room to add snipers, perimeter shooters, etc.. This seems to be becoming a more popular model (Vegas, TBL, PIT).

Thanks, and good luck with FHM 5.

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