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Brecooper 06-14-2018 12:31 PM

Need Help Setting Up Online League
Want a simple 3 person league as we live in 3 different cities. We all bought the game but can't figure the online league out. We've tried the quick start email but that gives us an error. We also tried using google drive but the game file seems very small to share. The FTP stuff looks very complex. Any help would be appreciated. OOTP developers said to post in here for online help

TGH-Adfabre 06-19-2018 09:11 AM

If you do not want to host the game on a server you can have one player be the commissioner. They have the primary game file on their CPU. The other players will export their teams changes. Instead of uploading they can manually export and put it in drop box or google drive. The commissioner runs the sims and sends back just the .dat files.

I am not positive how to get the .dat files back to the players manually. It can be done. My first guess is to manually zip them then just put them in dropbox or google drive.

You can also just het a monthly subscription with Allsim?. There is a service where they host your league as an online league and you just import and export. Split between three people it will be a couple of bucks a month each.

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