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frankgatti23 11-20-2017 07:41 PM

It's a Philly Thing: A 1987 Phillies Save
I am starting a new save and I thought I'd give writing a dynasty report a shot. I am going to take over the 1987 Phillies and attempt to turn them into a perennial contender.

Game Settings:
Started a New Historical Game with default settings except for:
  • Commissioner Mode: On
  • Overall Ratings: 20 to 80
  • Talent Ratings: 20 to 80
  • Injury Frequency: Normal (OOTP Classic)
  • Trading Difficulty: Very Hard

frankgatti23 11-20-2017 07:56 PM

Philadelphia Inquirer

After a disappointing 1986, the Philadelphia Phillies decided to make changes in the front office and the dugout. Owner William Y. Giles stepped down as GM and hired 38 year old Dutch man, Davos Seaworth, as the new GM.

Seaworth was tasked with keeping the team above .500 and into the playoff contention. The fan base and front office are anxious; itís been 6 years since the Phillies won the World Series and 3 seasons since they lost to the Baltimore Orioles. He takes over a team with some talent, but not many prospects. He will need to delicately balance winning now with building the farm system.

While upgrading the roster is a priority, Seaworth will need to fill out his coaching staff as well.

Little is known about Seaworth's baseball background or how plans to run.He is more well known for smuggling onions.

frankgatti23 11-20-2017 11:13 PM

Owner & Goals:

I edited the owner information to match real life owner William Giles, but I did not touch any of the ratings.

Owner: Bill Giles (part of a group that bought the team from the Carpenter family in 1981)
Patience: Demanding
Fiscal Personality: Controlling
Involvement: Normal
Priority: Winning

He has set forth a list of goals for me accomplish this year.

Reach the Playoffs
The first goal for this year is to make the playoffs. This is going to be tough as the talent on this team is barely good enough to be .500

Sign Kent Tekulve to an extension
This goal does not make much sense to me. Tekulve, while being my best pitcher, will be 40 on opening day and is under contract through the end of the 1988 season. So my owner wants me to lock him up through his age 43 season? No way, I plan on trading him once I fall out of contention.

Make 1.4 Million in profit
With a 10M payroll, projected gate revenue of 7M, projected season tickets sales on 5M, we project to have a deficit of 140K. The only way to meet this goal is to shed salary. There are 4 players with a salary over 1 M and I may have to unload one of them.

Reach the World Series
Giles gave me a long term goal of making the World Series within two years.

frankgatti23 11-22-2017 12:24 AM

Major League Personnel

I wanted to mimic the real 1987 coaching staff as much as possible, so for the former players, I turned them into the coaches and assigned them through the editor. For the ones that did not exist, I edited the name, age, birthplace and years experience.
  • Assistant GM: Paul Owens - Signed through 1988
  • Bench Coachh: Lee Elia (Conventional) - Signed through 1988
  • Pitching Coach: Claude Osteen (Finesse) - Signed through 1988
  • Hitting Coach: Del Unser (Neutral) - Signed through 1988
  • Team Trainer: Jeff Cooper (Prevention) - Signed through 1989

I am assign the players to where they began the 1987 season as best I can. Then I will post a positional analysis of the spring training invites.

frankgatti23 11-23-2017 10:02 PM

Roster Overview - 3/2/1987
Its the first day of spring training and it's time to analyze the roster to see what I have to work with. There are currently 31 players on the 40 man roster and their total salary is 10.9M. These 31 players include 19 batters and 12 pitchers.

The owner provided me some goals, but my goals as GM are:
  • Reduce salary to 8M next year
  • Acquire cheap time
  • Look for batters with high contact/good eyes
  • Look for pitchers with good control

frankgatti23 11-23-2017 10:24 PM

Catcher Overview - 3/2/1987

Here are the catchers on the 40 man roster, the ratings are Overall/Potential:
  • Lance Parrish (60/60)
    The former GM signed Parrish to a 6 year contract at 1.5M a year that starts this year. He hit .257 with 22 HR and 62 RBIs. The scouts report that his defense and arm are above average. This will help with a young staff. His contract demands that he will part of our plans for at least this year and next. Then I will most likely try to unload him, unless his offense does not decline and Daulton does not develop.
  • Darren Daulton (20/40)
    Daulton hit .225 with 8 HR and 21 RBI in 50 games last year. On a plus side he had 38 BB vs 41 Ks. My initial instinct was to start him in AAA so he could play every day and develop. but he is out of options.

Here are the non-roster catchers that will be invited to Spring Training:
  • John Russell (20/20)
    Russell has .241 with 13 HR and 60 RBIs in 90 games last year with the Phillies. He had only 25 BB against 103 Ks. He is an above average defensive catcher, who can also play 1B and OF. He will challenge Daulton for the 2nd catcher spot or hope to win a utility role.

Here are the catchers prospects in the organization:
  • None
    There are no catchers with a potential above 20 in the minors. It is pretty barren and I will scour the waiver wire and FAs for catchers for AA and AAA.

Positional Plan:
After Lance Parrish and Daulton, it gets pretty bleak. I forsee Parrish keeping the job until Daulton is ready. He will most likely be the backup due to having no options left.

frankgatti23 11-23-2017 11:02 PM

First BAse Overview - 3/2/1987

Here are the 1Bs on the 40 man roster, the ratings are Overall/Potential:
  • Von Hayes (65/70)
    Hayes is one of the better positional players on the Phillies. He hit .305 with 19 HR, 98 RBIs and 24 SBs. He led the league in R (107) and Doubles (46). He also had 74 BBs against 77 Ks. He can play solid defense at both 1B and CF, so he has some versatility. He is 27 and under contract for 4 more years at 1.5M a year.
  • Rick Schu (45/45)
    As a backup last year, Schu hit .274 with 8 HR and 24 RBIs. He can play 1B and 3B adequately.
Here are the non-roster 1Bs that will be invited to Spring Training:
  • Ricky Jordan (20/20)
    He hit .270 with 2 HRs, 60 RBIs, 17 SB at AA Reading last year.
  • Al LeBeouf (20/20)
    He hit .266 with 4 HR, 30 RBI and .741 OPS at AAA Portland last year.
Here are the first base prospects in the organization:
  • None
    There are no 1Bs with a potential above 20 in the minors. It is pretty barren and I will scour the waiver wire and FAs for AA and AAA.
Positional Plan:
At 27, Hayes can be a building block. It will be difficult to trade him with his popularity with the fan base and his contract. His future can be in 1B or CF. Not sure yet. After that, I need to upgrade throughout all levels.

frankgatti23 11-25-2017 09:35 PM

Second Base Overview - 3/2/1987

Here are the 1Bs on the 40 man roster, the ratings are Overall/Potential:
  • Juan Samuel (60/80)
    Samuel is locked in as the starter as he .266 with 16 HRs and 42 SBs last year. His defense in below average, which is something that will factor into whether to give him a contract extension. He has 1 arbitration year left in '88 and then is a free agent.

    Greg Legg (20/20)
    In AAA last year, Legg his .328 with 6 HR and 67 RBIs. He is an above average defender who can play 2B, 3B and SS. He would most likely be a utility guy in the majors this year.

Here are the 2nd base prospects in the organization:
  • None
    There are no 2Bs with a potential above 20 in the minors. This is occurring far too much.

Positional Plan:
Samuel is a player that can be a periennal All-Star, and he be a FA after next year. I will need to try lock him up now or move on.

frankgatti23 11-25-2017 09:46 PM

3rd Base Overview - 3/2/1987

Here are the 3rd basemen on the 40 man roster, the ratings are Overall/Potential:
  • Mike Schmidt (75/75)
    Won the MVP last year and will be the starter. At 38, I need to find his replacement this year.

  • Jose Leiva (20/20)
    Leiva was a league average player at AA last year. He most likely will be removed the 40 man roster and will be organizational depth.

  • Greg Jelks (20/20)
    Jelks hit .262 with 8 HR and 28 RBIs at AAA last year. He will be a career backup who will fight Legg for a utiltiy role as he can also play 1B, 2B, LF and CF.

Here are the 3B prospects in the organization:
  • There are no third baseman with a potential above 20 in the minors.

Positional Plan:
Schmidt will be a free agent after '88 season. I will need to draft a 3B or find one in free agency who can take over then.

frankgatti23 11-25-2017 09:59 PM

Shortstop Overview - 3/2/1987

Here are the short stop on the 40 man roster, the ratings are Overall/Potential:
  • Steve Jeltz (20/20)
    Below average player who hit .216 with no HRs and 6 SBs. He has above average defense. He's the leading candidate to start, unless I find a decent FA.

  • Luis Aguyano (20/20)
    He is basically a clone of Jeltz, but with more power and a worse eye.

  • Tom Barrett (20/20)
    He had a negative WAR in over 500 ABs at AAA last year.

Here are the SS prospects in the organization:
  • There are no short stops with a potential above 20 in the minors.

Positional Plan:
This position is a dumpster fire. I do not see any of these 3 remaining on the 40 man roster past this season. I will try to trade these guys for something.

frankgatti23 11-25-2017 10:16 PM

Left Field Overview - 3/2/1987

Here are the LF on the 40 man roster, the ratings are Overall/Potential:
  • Chris James (25/25)
    James hit .283 in 50 ABs in Philly last year. He profiles as an average hitter with decent defense. Long term he is most likely a bench player, but will compete for the staring job this year.

  • Greg Gross (20/20)
    He hit .246 with 13 HRs, 25 BBs and 12Ks as a backup last year. He

  • Keith Miller (20/20)
    He hit well at AA last year, but struggled at AAA. He most likely will spend the season at AAA

Here are the non-roster LF that will be invited to Spring Training:
  • Steve DeAngelis (20/20)
    DeAngelis had a good year in AAA, where he had a 2.7 WAR and walked almost as much as struck out.

Here are the LF prospects in the organization:
  • There are no left fielders with a potential above 20 in the minors.

Positional Plan:
This is another position that may be overhauled before the season starts. James could stick as backup and Miller may develop in time. Gross is good as gone after this season.

frankgatti23 11-25-2017 10:26 PM

Center Field Overview - 3/2/1987

Here are the CFs on the 40 man roster, the ratings are Overall/Potential:
  • Milt Thompson (45/60)
    Thompson can hit, run and play defense. He made only 2 errors last year in CF and had a 1.7 WAR.

Here are the non-roster CFs that will be invited to Spring Training:
  • Ron Roeniche (20/20)
    He has a good eye and make decent contact. He lacks power, but he is a good defender who can play first.

Here are the first base prospects in the organization:
  • None

Positional Plan:
Thompson doesn't become a free agent until after 1989 season, so he has 3 years to prove he's worth an extension. Roenicke will have a shot at making the 25 man as a backup.

frankgatti23 11-25-2017 10:47 PM

Right Field Overview - 3/2/1987

Here are the RFs on the 40 man roster, the ratings are Overall/Potential:
  • Mike Easler (30/30)
    Easler can hit, as evidenced by hitting over .300 last year. He has a decent eye and is average fielder. He will make 1.2M this year and then is a FA.
  • Glenn Wilson (20/20)
    Wilson is an excellent defender with a cannon for an arm. He doesn't have much speed, but he is a decent hitter with some pop.
  • Jeff Stone (20/20)
    Stone is average across the board except for below average power. Still when given a chance last he produced a 1.3 WAR in half a season.
Here are the non-roster RFs that will be invited to Spring Training:
  • Kevin Ward (20/20)
    Ward hit .274 with 7 HR, 58 RBIs, 28 SB, 14% K rate and 14% walk rate in AAA.
Here are the RF prospects in the organization:
  • Jim Vatcher (20/25)
    The first prospect! He is a RF/2B who was drafted in 1987. For some reason OOTP has all of the draft picks already on the team.

Positional Plan:
This is the deepest position. Easler is a FA and most likely will be traded during season if the team struggles. Wilson, who is not in my long term plans, is a FA as well. Stone is under team control this and 2 more years, but he projects as a backup.

frankgatti23 11-28-2017 09:55 PM

Starting Pitcher Overview

Here the 4 of the probable starters. All are still under team control.
  • Shane Rawley - (45/45), Age: 31 - Had 3.89 FIP and a 1.46 K/BB ratio over 23 starts in the majors.
  • Bruce Ruffin - (55/60), Age: 23 - Had 3.27 FIP, .4 HR/9 and 1.59 K/BB ratio over 21 starts.
  • Kevin Gross - (45/70), Age: 25 - Had 5.7 K/9, 1 HR/9 and a 4.27 FIP in 241 innings last year. He is out of options.
  • Don Carman - (50/50), Age: 27 - Was a swingman last and made 14 starts and 36 reliefs appearances. He had a 6.6 K/9 over 134 total innings. If 2 of the other starters listed below shine in camp, he could be bumped to the pen.
Here are the other starters that are invited to Spring Training:
  • Dave Rozema - (20/20), Age: 30 - Did well is AAA, but got hammered in the bigs last year. He is out of options.
  • Tom Newell - (20/20), Age: 23 - He pitched well over A+ and AA last year but needs to improve his control. He most likely will open in AA.
  • Joe Cowley - (20/20), Age: 28 - Made 26 starts for the White Sox last year and had 7.6 K/9, a 2.9 BB/9, .260 ave against. He is also out of option.
  • Dar Smith - (20/20), Age: 26 - He was an average pitcher at AA over 86 innings. Long shot to make club.
  • Mike Shelton - (20/20), Age: 24 - Had a 3.68 FIP, .238 Ave vs, .5 HR/9 but only 4K/9.
  • Len Watts - (20/20), Age: 21 - Youngest of the group but he put a 1.9 WAR in AA. He has 4 pitches and hopefully he develop some potential.
Ruffin, Rawley and Gross will open in rotation barring injury. Carmen will either join them or big the swing man. Cowley is currently projected as 5th starter with the modicum of success he had last year. Overall this position is thin and needs some upgrading.

frankgatti23 11-28-2017 10:38 PM

Relief Pitcher Overview

Here the players with set roles:
  • Steve Bedrosian - (50/65), Age: 29 - He will be the closer. He had 29 saves last year. He is a free agent after this year.
  • Kent Tekulve - (75/75), Age: 39 - He will be the setup man. He is under contract for 2 more years.
  • Tom Hume - (35/35), Age: 33 - He will be a middle reliever or setup man. He pitched 90 inning and had a 3.45 FIP and 4.5 K/9. He is a free agent after the season.
  • Dan Schatzeder - (40/40), Age: 32 - He will be a middle reliever or the lefty setup man. He had a 3.97 FIP and needs to improve his control. He is a free agent after the season.
Here are the other relievers that are invited to Spring Training:
  • Doug Bair - (25/25), Age: 37 - Good strikeout guy. Not sure what he has left at 37.
  • Mark Bowden - (20/40), Age: 26 - League average pitcher at AAA. Walked more than he struck out in 80 innings.
  • Danny Clay - (20/20), Age: 25 - In 158 innings as starter in AAA; he walked 93 and struck out 105, with a 4.77 FIP. He projects as MR
  • Todd Frohwirth - (20/55), Age: 24 - in 42 IP at AA, had 2.99 FIP, .2 HR/9, 2.1 BB/9.
  • Mike Maddux - (45/45), Age: 25 - Pitched better than his numbers. Can be starter/swing man or middle relief.
  • John McLarnan - (20/25), Age: 25 - Not many Ks or BBs in 22 innings at AA>
  • Wally Ritchie - (20/20), Age: 21 - Pitched worse than numbers. 2.70 ERA vs 5.07 FIP, 1.2 H/9, 3.9 K/9 in 30 IP at AA; had a 2.72 FIP and 1.5 WAR IN 60 IP at A
  • Freddie Toliver - (30/30), Age: 26 - Walked too many guys in his 25 innings in the majors.
  • Michael Jackson - (25/65), Age: 22 - Pitched better at AA and AAA as closer but he doesn't strikeout enough guys to close at MLB.

Maddux and Bair are out of options and will most likely end up in the pen unless they are terrible. Ritchie and Frohwirth could use more seasoning and will most likely start in AAA. That will leave 1 spot open for Toliver, McLarnan, Bowden, Clay and Jackson.

frankgatti23 11-28-2017 10:49 PM

3/2/1987 - Preseason Predictions

Baseball Network News (BNN) releases their annual preseason predictions on the opening day of spring training. Surprisingly, they project the Phillies to 85-77, good for 2nd place in the NL East.

Division Winner Predictions:
AL East - Red Sox (93-69)
AL West - Rangers (86-76)
NL East - Mets (94-68)
NL West - Astros (89-73)

The had the following Phillies in the top 10 hitters:
Von Hayes - .340, 22 HR, 104 RBI, 20 SB
Mike Schmidt - .325, 34 HR, 117 RBI, .532 SLG

The had the following Phillies in the top 10 pitchers:
Kevin Gross - 17-10, 3.63 ERA, 174 K
Don Carmen - 16-11, 3.45 ERA, 188 K

frankgatti23 11-29-2017 12:09 AM

3/9/1987 - Spring Training Update

Record: 1-6
Chris James - DtD, 6 Weeks
Doug Bair - Diagnosis pending
Signed Britt Burns P (20/40) to minor league deal
Placed waiver claim on Billy Hatcher CF (60/60), denied.
Minnesota offers SS Greg Gagne for SP Kevin Gross
Mets GM asks if I have interest in SS Gregg Jefferies

The Jefferies trade intrigued me. He's 19 with a 80 potential, but I would have to give up too much. Given that I have 2 prospects with a potential above 40, I can't give up MLB talent.

I am debating the Gagne deal. Dealing Gross would make Carmen my SP3 and mean my SP4 and SP5 would probably Cowley and either Rozema or Maddux. If I get can get them to add a SP with potential back, I might do it.

Notable League News:
Angels SS Gus Polidor, torn PCL, done for season
Cardinals 1B Jack Clark, strained PCL, out 5 weeks
Reds RF Dave Parker, torn back muscle, out 5 months
Twins CF Kirby Puckett, concussion, out 3 weeks
Mets send CF Randy Milligan to Dodgers for RP Alejandro Pena and CF Wayne Kirby
Braves trade SP Tom Glavine, SS Rafael Ramirez to Mets for 2B Wally Backman
Dodgers trade 3B Dave Anderson, C Homer Rojas to Royals for RF Jim Eisenrich
Atlanta signs 1B Bob Horner to a 1 year deal

frankgatti23 11-29-2017 12:50 AM

3/16/1987 - Spring Training Update

Record: 4-2 (5-8)

RP Doug Bair, ruptured finger tendon, out 4 months
RP Kent Tekulve, strained calf, out 2 weeks

Placed Bair on 60 day DL
Sent SP Britt Burns to AAA Maine
Sent RP Todd Frohwith to AA Reading
Sent RP Mark Bowden to AA Reading
Sent 1B Ricky Jordan to AA Reading
Sent SS Tom Barrett to AA Reading
Sent RF Kevin Ward to AA Reading

I declined the Gagne trade and did not make an offer for Jefferies

Notable League News:
Expos LF Tim Raines. fractured rib, out 4 weeks
Reds SS Barry Larkin, intercostal strain, out 4-5 weeks
Expos SP Beb Sebra, torn labrum, out 8-9 months
A's LF Jose Conseco, strained hamstring, out 5-6 weeks

Houston trades CF Billy Hatcher to Atlanta for SP John Smoltz and RP Jim Aker

frankgatti23 11-29-2017 02:07 PM

3/23/1987 - Spring Training Update

Record: 2-5 (7-13)

RP Dan Schatzeder, diagnosis pending
RP Kent Tekulve, strained calf, was out 2 weeks, no timetable unknown

Sent LF Keith Miller to AAA Maine
Sent 1B Al Leboeuf to AAA Maine
Sent SP Tom Newell to AAA Maine
Sent SP Len Watts to AAA Maine
Sent LF Steve De Angelis to AA Reading
Sent 3B Jose Leiva to AA Reading
Sent SP Mike Shelton to AA Reading

Notable League News:
A's RP Jay Howell, fractured elbow, out 5 months
Mariners RP Bil Swift, torn labrum, out 4 months

Seattle trades RF Mike Kingery to Texas for SS Curt Wilkerson and RF Kevin Reimer
White Sox trade RF Ivan Caldeon to Cleveland for CF Otis Nixon and RF Mike Twardoski

frankgatti23 11-29-2017 02:24 PM

3/30/1987 - Spring Training Update

Record: 1-5 (8-18)

RP Dan Schatzeder, stiff back, 4 days

Sent SP Dar Smith to AAA Maine
Sent SP Joe Cowley to AAA Maine
Sent C John Russell to AAA Maine
Sent OF Greg Gross to AAA Maine

Cowley was terrible in the spring while Mike Maddux and Danny Clay have had good springs and both could start. They are battling with Dave Romeza for the last spot.

Notable League News:
Tigers LF, Kirk Gibson, torn back muscle, out 4 months
Giants CF, Chili Davis, broken bone in elbow, out 5 months

Yankees trade RF Claudell Washington to Expos for SP Randy Johnson and and RP Bob McClure

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