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Markus Heinsohn 06-22-2017 08:27 AM

New OOTP 18 Update (Version 18.6.61) Available Now! Adds Improved 3D Animations!
Important: This update is only for OOTP 18 versions which were purchased directly from us or resellers who use our version.
It is NOT compatible with the Steam or Mac OSX AppStore version! The Steam update is available via the Steam client and the Mac AppStore version is pending review at Apple, which will take some more days.

Hey folks!

It's summer time, and instead of hanging around on beaches, we still worked hard on the game and have just released an update which adds some neat new stuff, including diving / jumping player animations in 3D mode! The new version number of this update is 18.6.61.

Here is the changelist:
- Improved 3D animations, including adding diving, jumping, and sliding plays in the field
- Updated Opening Day roster sets, including improvements of 2017 draft class and minor league player ratings (need to create a new game for changes to apply)
- Added widget to manage bullpen in-game. Added option to auto-sit relievers before they start tiring while warming up
- Updated in-game PBP elements, including better lining up detailed PBP with 3D action
- Added 1944 Negro league data
- Improved historical minor league database
- Added option to disable infield shifts in the league strategy settings
- Added more playoff scheduling series options
- Added checkbox in-game to filter available players, to better view bench options
- Team Schedule page now supports double-headers
- Fixed bug where team color changes were not saved
- Many other bug and cosmetic fixes

Update Info for our webstore customers: To apply the update, simply download the setup file and install it over your current installation. There is no need to uninstall or unlicense your current copy! However, you should quit the game before installing it, of course. Updates always contain all the changes from previous updates. Saved games are compatible between different versions.

Download link for PC:
Main server: PC Installer

Download link for Mac:
Main Server: Mac OSX Installer

Download link for Linux:
Main Server: Linux Installer

We will release another update later this summer, before we shift our sole attention to OOOTP 19 and that secret exciting new thing we have been working on for a while now. That will be awesome. :drool:

Enjoy the game! :)
Markus & the entire OOTP Team

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