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George_Bell 10-21-2017 04:44 PM

NHL Historical Replay
Hey guys. I’m gonna take my shot at a full NHL replay.

I am the commish. I will not interfere with whats going on. I will talk about things I think are interesting and keep track of all the comings and goings in the NHL.

From my fooling around so far, there is no HTML output, which crushes me. I’m a uniform guy, and I wanted to share all the changes from year to year, but I’m assuming screenshoting and editing the pics every season might end up getting old fast, I I doubt I’ll be doing that.

I’m also noticing jerseys don’t change unless I manually change them via the picture menu for each player. If I’m missing a option here to get them to change automatically, please let me know, cuz that’s gonna get old real fast!

One more note, there is no home and away jersey function. Another big disappointment. I’m not a computer guy, I don’t know how hard it is to implement stuff like this, and I understand it’s just cosmetic, but for me atleast, it would add a huge amount to this game.

George_Bell 10-21-2017 04:51 PM

1917 NHL Season Preview

The NHL in 1917 is made up of 4 teams. Here is a quick intro to the league.


The Stanley Cup will first be presented to the winner of a super series for the lack of a better term. The winner of the NHL will play the winner of the Western Canadian Hockey League for the title. These are the teams in the WCHL.


I won’t go into any depth with this league, or even cover them. This is an NHL replay, and that’s what I'm interested in following. I will give a proper Stanley Cup preview though before the big series.

Here are the rule changes shown in game. Obviously, this is the start of the league, so nothing is really changing. More just info for what to expect this upcoming season.


As the season gets underway, the game has noted that Billy Burch, Lorne Chabot and Roy Worters are notable new players to the NHL. Now, there will be a entry draft every season after our inaugural year. These three youngsters are free agents. I don't know if they are eligible to sign anywhere, or be taken in next years draft. I will keep an eye out for anything that happens.

George_Bell 10-21-2017 05:02 PM

1917 NHL Regular Season

Here is an in game generated preview for the upcoming season. Nice feature.


Games are few and far between in this new NHL, making it a short season for yours truly. Halfway through December, we have our first trade. It’s not a big one, but because it’s our first, ill take a look…

The Habs send 26 year old C Joel Rochon, who wasn’t playing, to Toronto, for 39 year old Goalie Billy Nicholson, who wasn’t playing. Neither have any real potential. So, despite me mentioning it, nothing to see here.

Billy Nicholson, involved in the first NHL trade

At new years, the Ottawa Senators have the leagues best record, at 4-2-1. They have a OT loss, which I guess is worth a point, even though I’m very sure OT and OT points weren’t a thing 100 years ago. That’s pretty disappointing. I hope I can edit that in the offseason…

Newsy Lalonde is off to a incredible start, with 15 assists and 20 points through those 7 games. Lalonde has a point in every game this season. Goaltending isn’t too great right now. A lot of goals are being scored.

Newsy Lalonde, the NHL's first STAR?!

No deals occur before the Feb 1st deadline, so I power ahead and sim right to the end of the season. Each team in the WCHL tried multiple times to sign me as a GM. Is there a commish mode where they won’t bother?



Ottawa finishes in first with 31 points, I assume they now will play the Montreal Canadiens for the right to represent the NHL in the Stanley Cup. I believe it’s a 2 game most goals series. The Toronto Arenas miss out by a single point!


Newsly Lalonde and Frank Nighbor are just significantly better then their peers. Both of them averaged more then 2 points a game.

George_Bell 10-21-2017 11:14 PM

1917-18 NHL Playoffs

In the WCHL, Vancouver will play Portland for a chance to goto the Stanley Cup Finals. That makes the playoffs tree look like this…


The Habs and Sens played a 2 game series during the final week of February to determine the NHL's representative for the Stanley Cup. Here’s what happened.


Montreal destroys the first place Sens and earn the NHL’s spot in the Stanley Cup.

George_Bell 10-21-2017 11:20 PM


I don't really know too much about either team. It's just the start of the story, so at some point soon, im sure ill be able to right some thoughts, even though they usually are wrong! I'm gonna predict the Habs win it though, because i can't imagine the Portland Rosebuds winning the cup...



Newsy Lalonde scores 4 times in the 3 game Stanley Cup series, also racking up 3 assists for 7 points. Add that to the 4 goals he scored against Ottawa, and the Habs captain finished the playoffs with 8 goals and 3 assists in 5 games. If there was a playoff MVP, it would be him, but there isn’t. The only award in the league right now is the Hart trophy for league MVP.

George_Bell 10-21-2017 11:21 PM

CivicEvo 10-22-2017 09:40 AM

Yessss, the legend returns! I am so happy you're doing this, can't wait to see how this unfolds!

George_Bell 10-22-2017 11:35 AM

1918 NHL Offseason

The Winner of the Hart Trophy this year is Ottawa Senator Frank Nighbor. His 52 points in 24 games was 2nd in the league. He beat out nominee’s Lalonde, and NHL goal scoring leader Didier Pitre.

The first league MVP


The NHL has changed their championship series to a best of 7 affair. Not sure if that’s the NHL final or the Stanley Cup Final. I assume it's my original thought.

Well, the game says I can only edit league rules on July 1st. The thing is it simmed right past July 1st to the 2nd without a option to stop it, so I can’t change the rules about overtime….

Here is the draft results, which took place on July 3rd. Harry Oliver goes first to the Arenas. He’s not ready, but when he is, Toronto has a stud. Harry Oliver is drafted from the Aristocrats, so im not really sure if he will play for Toronto this year. I would recommend some sort of explanation for these things. I feel like im guessing at a lot of stuff so far….


Burch, Chabot and Wolters were all drafted as well, so that explains why they weren’t signed by anyone during the season.

Some wasted space on the draft results screen. Is there really any reason to have GP viewable? These guys haven’t played yet. Also thinking potential would make much more sense to view rather then talent!

Several minor deals were made during the offseason, but they aren't showing up on my news feed. I have to search the transaction screen to see them. That will get old quick as well. I've subscribed to transaction news from the NHL and the 3 teams, so hopefully that will work.

George_Bell 10-23-2017 11:48 AM

1918-19 NHL Regular Season


Reigning NHL MVP Frank Nighbor opens the regular season dealing with fractured ribs, which he suffered in the final preseason game. One week to the day of the injury, Nighbor dressed and played in the season opener, recording a goal and an assist for the Senators. Even with the effort, Ottawa lost to the defending champion Canadiens 6-4.

Frank Nighbor

Toronto’s Harry Cameron is viewed as hockey’s top defenceman. Last season, the Arena’s missed the playoffs by a single point. Some point to the fact Cameron missed the final 9 games of the season with a bruised wrist. (Yes, a bruised wrist kept Cameron out for more then a month, while fractured ribs suffered by Nighbor didn’t keep him out a single game!) Cameron is back now, healthy, and has started the season on fire. He’s tallied 9 points in the opening 4 games, and has a personal point streak of 12 games now!

Harry Cameron


Well, it worked, I finally see a trade in my news feed. The Arenas send two players for center Frank Fredrickson. Fredrickson played 15 games for Montreal last season, scoring 2 goals, and adding 3 assists. He’s just 23, and has 3 star potential. Seems like a nice addition for the Arenas. Jack Coughlin has suited up 24 times for Toronto over the past season and a half, recording 10 points. McNamara, at 32, looks to be a fill in.

The worldwide outbreak of the Spanish Flu is affecting the NHL. As we approach the end of the season, players like Harry Cameron. In total, 7 players have been affected so far. I’m not sure if players can die from the disease, but it is potentially deadly!

A less then competitive regular season has ended. Montreal ran away with 1st place, only losing just 3 times. Well, 5 if you count OT losses, which is enough to make me quit this if I can’t adjust the rules pretty soon. Here are the standings.


Cy Denneny wins the goals and points race, leading a team that didn’t even come close to the playoffs. Scoring was down on the year. Teams played 6 games less this year, but still, Denneny’s 28 points is far off the 54 points which lead the league last year.


George_Bell 10-23-2017 11:55 AM

1918-19 NHL Playoffs

In the WCHL, Seattle went 13-3 to win the league. They will play the Victoria Aristocrats for the Patterson Cup. Here is the complete playoff bracket for this years Stanley Cup!
You have to think Montreal are big favourites for the NHL crown. Only one of Montreal's three losses this year came to Toronto.

Toronto jumped out to a quick lead in the series, surprising the Habs with a 3 goal first period, taking game one. The Habs though got better as the series went on. Winning the next 4 games, including a 8-5 series clinching win. Montreal heads back to the Stanley Cup.


George_Bell 10-23-2017 12:00 PM


The Habs pretty much dominated the NHL this year, and I have to consider the NHL the better league. Based on that, I have to think Montreal should have no problem handling Seattle.

George_Bell 10-24-2017 12:04 PM

1918-19 Stanley Cup

Newsy Lalonde only played 7 games during the regular season. That’s why he isn’t anywhere on the scoring leaders list. Strained Triceps and sidelined him for over a month. He should be healthy to play in the Cup though. A big boost for Montreal

Game one starts out pretty even, but Montreal scores 4 goals in the third to break the 1-1 deadlock and take game one, 5-1. Seattle decided to get tough for game 2, pushing the Habs around to a tune of 47 PIMS. The strategy worked. Despite being outshot 43-21, the Metropolitans win it 6-2. Seattle also needs to thank goalie Ivan Mitchell for the standout performance, stopping 41 shots.


Game 2 star Ivan Mitchell

Seattle’s Art Ross scored 16 seconds into the third to tie a back and forth game three at 5. Ross’ second goal of the game sent this one to overtime as no one was able to break the deadlock. It’s the first Stanley Cup game to ever need OT. Shorthanded, Jack Walker potted the winner 41 seconds into the extra frame, giving Seattle a 6-5 win and a 2-1 lead in the series!

Jack Walker, Overtime Hero!

Joe Malone put the Habs on his back, and made each of them better in game 4. Malone recorded 5 assists, leading Montreal to a 6-4 win.

Game 5 was a close checking affair until the 3rd period. Tied at one, Seattle scored twice in 2 minutes, and eventually led 4-2 with 5 minutes left. Duke Keats and Fred Harris each score for Montreal late to tie it, and Newsy Lalonde wins it in OT!! The Montreal comeback has them 1 game away from another Cup.


Defense went out the window in a memorable game 6. Montreal scored 3 opening period goals, and led 4-2 nearing the end of the 2nd period. Seattle would score twice in 50 seconds to tie it, only to see Duke Keats net another for the Habs before the period ended to give Montreal the 5-4 lead. After exchanging goals, Seattle would get two goals in 25 seconds to grab a 7-6 lead. Duke Keats 2nd of the game ties it at the 14:41 mark. Duke Keats completes the hat trick in dramatic fashion, breaking the tie with 26 seconds remaining. Keats is the hero. Montreal wins 8-7 and takes the series in 6!
Habs hero Duke Keats!

George_Bell 10-24-2017 12:07 PM


Im not sure how to display post season stats for a team roster, so here is Montreal's regular season stats. I don't know why Newsy Lalonde isn't listed either.


George_Bell 10-25-2017 11:31 AM

1919 NHL Offseason

Who is Montreal hero Duke Keats? Keats played the 1917 season with Portland, and watched the Habs win the Stanley Cup. When Portland folded, Keats found himself needing a job. He signed with Montreal, and played in all 18 games this year. 8 goals, and 11 assists, more then a point a game is pretty solid for the 24 year old. In 11 postseason games, Keats scored 10 goals, adding 6 assists! That’s how you win Championships!


The Hart Trophy, given to the league MVP, was awarded to Montreal Canadiens Joe Malone!


Malone scored 12 times, adding 13 assists, leading the Habs to first place in the NHL.


The Quebec Bulldogs got the first pick in the draft, and took the best player, Aurel Joliat. He’s currently property of Vancouver in the WCHL, but at 17, has a very bright future. I love Toronto’s pick of Hap Day and Ottawa’s selection of Lionel Conacher. Here’s a look at Aurel Joliat.


A fairly major deal took place in mid July between Toronto and Ottawa.


Harry Meeking is a potential star for the Senators. Last year, Meeking was a point a game player, with 17 points in 17 games. The year before, Meeking put up 13 goals and 29 points. He can clearly score. The St. Pats get back two 32 year old defenders. Eddie Carpenter should be a regular on the blue line for Toronto, but this doesn’t look like a great deal for the Pats.

Ottawa and Toronto hook up on another trade before the new season starts.


Conacher was the 6th pick in the draft, and I really like him. He hasn’t signed yet, but he will at some point, and when he does, the Pats will be very happy. Frank Fredrickson looks like a talented center that never really got a chance in Toronto. He should get a top 6 role in Ottawa.

Lionel Conacher

George_Bell 10-26-2017 11:14 AM

1919-1920 NHL Regular Season

I keep forgetting. I can’t seem to display playoff stats via team roster page, and I wanted to share Newsy Lalonde’s playoff stats last season. Held to only 7 regular season games, Lalonde was amazing in the playoffs. 10 games played, 13 goals, 5 assists, for 18 points. Healthy, at age 31, he’s still a serious Hart Trophy candidate for this season.


Quebec not being mentioned at all in the game's preview article can't be a good thing for the bulldogs. It's a 4 team league!!

Half way through the season, scoring is way up this year. In 1917, goals per game was 8.33. Last season it fell to 7.74. The edition of a 4th team has brought goals back up to 8.25 gpg. Three players, which all happen to play on Montreal’s first line, have all past last years point leader already.

Quebec is yet to win a game, with a month to go. 0-9-3 (I fixed the OT problem!!) Their leading scorer, Jimmy Gibson, has 9 points, but is a -15. It’s a real question right now, if the Bulldogs can win a single game this year!

Right after writing the above blurb, the Bulldogs lose to the St Pats 13-0. It’s a league record for goals allowed in a game. Quebec defenceman Syd Desireau was a -9!

Desireau, with a -9 rating, is really hard to do

Well, it happened. The 24 game season has ended, and the Quebec Bulldogs failed to win a single game. 0-21-3. No matter what happens during the next 100 years, the Bulldogs record of ineptitude will never be broken. Here are the final standings…


Sh*t, just noticed ties are worth 2 points….ugh…


As expected, Montreal dominated the league this year. Their first line is 1, 2, 3 in points in the league. Infact, they are 1,2,3 in all the offensive categories. Those three are the Hart Trophy nominee's this season.

George_Bell 10-26-2017 11:18 AM

1920 NHL Playoffs

Ottawa and Montreal play a best of three to determine the NHL championship. Here are the results...


Oh, well I guess it was a best of 5. Frank Foyston, who typically plays on the Habs 3rd line is the series leading scorer with 8 points in the 3 games. Montreal goes for their 3rd straight Stanley Cup.


George_Bell 10-26-2017 11:19 AM


Montreal had a dominant season, and they are the 2 time champs. It’s hard to go against them until they actually lose.

George_Bell 10-27-2017 11:03 AM

1919-1920 Stanley Cup Finals

I think this is a best of 5 affair. Game 1 is an absolute blowout. Joe Malone scores 3 times, with 2 assists for 5 points in a 11-2 Habs win. Game 2 isn’t competitive either. Montreal wins 8-2, with Joe Malone taking home the first star.

And I guess that’s it, no more games are scheduled. I guess it was a best of 2 total goal series. Well Montreal wins 19-4


There needs to be more communication from the game to the player. It’s a pain to advance one day at a time. There’s no news or significance for championship games. I'm guessing at the circumstances. The Cup is won, the season is over, there is no news event for this. The game just keeps simming like any other day…. These things need to be better…

George_Bell 10-27-2017 11:05 AM

George_Bell 10-28-2017 11:20 AM

1920 Offseason

The Hart Trophy goes to Newsy Lalonde of the Montreal Canadiens. Lalonde had a wonderful year, setting the single season scoring record, with 61 points. In three seasons, we are yet to have a repeat winner. I’ve decided to enact the first team all-star awards. Each season, one player will be judged the best at his position.



Montreal Canadiens goalie Georges Vezina has decided to retire. In real life, Vezina was so good, the NHL named the award for the leagues best goalie after him. That happened after he retired in 1926, so this happening is a tad premature. Vezina, only 33, was the best goalie in hockey. Here is a look at his simmed career, the past 3 years, which also led to 3 Stanley Cups.



The top 3 picks in this years draft are amazing. Shore, Stewart and Morenz are incredible talents, that all went on to amazing careers in real life. Howie Morenz at 3 is quite the steal for Ottawa! All three signed on with Vancouver, so the Millionaires should be pretty good. When the league eventually folds, I suspect these players will join the NHL and make an immediate impact.



Montreal has replaced Georges Vezina with 27 year old George Hainsworth. Hainsworth, who has always been property of Montreal, spent the last 3 years playing win the Seattle organization in the WCHL. Hainsworth is potentially the best goalie in the NHL, if he continues to grow. He’s 27, and hasn’t reached his 4 star potential just yet, but regular playing time should help that.


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