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bbgods 01-12-2018 01:36 PM

Adjustments and features
Suicide squeeze:

Way too many runners getting thrown out at plate, even fast runners with good bunters. It should be rate for the defense to throw out the runner when the bunt is down.


When you put in a player and he plays the one missing position, please automatically assign him to that position, while still allowing user to change if necessary.

9th Spot in batting order:

Please treat the 9th spot like any other spot, to allow pitchers to bat in another position (Shohei, how are ya?)

Create/Remove injuries:

Asking again to allow user to override an injury or create one, to better simulate actual season in more or less real time.

Fine tune Effect of Defensive Experience:

Please consider speeding up the process for players to reach maximum fielding ratings. Please consider giving primarily CFs a good baseline experience number for LF and RF.

Currently, a team with two pure CFs will end up with a zero-rated corner OF unless we manually adjust one or both of them.

Clone a Season:

Please allow users to copy or clone a season, giving us a chance to repeatedly play the same season, making different transactions for comparison.

Thanks for a great mobile game!

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