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Miss Malloy's letter

337 Park Street
Stockbridge, Massachusetts

Mr. Patrick J. O'Farrell
256 Leigh Street
Richmond, Virginia

June 28, 1906

Dear Patrick,

How nice it was to receive your letter! I was beginning to wonder if you now believed yourself too important to correspond with me, now that you are a professional man, making such a success of yourself in the South. And in such a large city at that! My Uncle Ray, who has visited Richmond, has told me much about the city since I now have far more interest in it than I had previously.

Little Stockbridge is, alas, much as you left it. The weather has been warm and beautiful, and as I write to you, I sit in our garden, enjoying a sunny morning.

Your sister keeps me apprised of your doings as she learns of them from you. As you know, I know little more than the rudiments of base ball, but I endeavor to learn all I can. I have learned enough, however, to appreciate that a percentage of .383, which Emily informs me you possess, is a fine mark for a batter. My father beamed when I told him this fact, and when I asked him if this represented a good performance, he said to me, "That young man won't be playing in that Class C league for much longer if he keeps this up."

Is it possible that you might be reunited with your friend Mr. Carrigan in New Bedford? I am glad you were able to form a friendship with him, and understand your sadness at his departure, even though it is a considerable step forward in his career.

Sam Lofgren asks me to tell you hello for him. Before you ask, I shall tell you that he is considerably more interested in calling on me than I am in receiving his calls.

I look forward to seeing you when you return to Stockbridge, which, according to your sister, should happen around the first of September. Until then, please continue to write to me, and I shall happily reply.


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