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A four-star talent

After a year's seasoning, Pat's ratings have improved somewhat. His rating for Contact Hitting has risen from 2 to 3, and his rating for Eye/Discipline has spiked, moving from 2 to 5. It doesn't look like he's going to add to the breezes in and around New Bedford with as many whiffs as he did as a first-year pro. He is now rated as a four-star prospect.

The best 2B in the Boston system right now is Chet Chadbourne, whose ratings for talent are the same as O'Farrell's (Good for Contact Hitting, Poor for Power Hitting, Good for Eye/Discipline). A 22-year-old with a year under his belt as Boston's starting second baseman, Chadbourne is more developed at this stage in his career. He rates 3.5 stars.

The "real" Chet Chadbourne hit .302 and .289 in limited duty for Boston in 1906 and 1907. He converted to the outfield in his second season. He was out of the majors until 1914, when he emerged as a regular player for Kansas City in the Federal League. He finished his career with a brief appearance with the Red Sox in 1918.

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