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Originally Posted by Déjà Bru View Post
TG, I don't want to argue with you but Bumstead made some good points.

The first guy, Favier: In addition to what Bumstead said, (I'll repeat the age, 37), his stuff is down because he basically has only one pitch left. He also cannot hold a runner for anything. So, the game (that is, the game, not you) sees him as an old, washed up relief pitcher of which there are usually dozens and dozens in a league. It does not care whether he was an AS earlier in the year (which, by the way, isn't that based partly on the previous season's performance as well?). It made a judgment based on what it saw at the time, versus the rest of your staff and whatever else was available.

The second guy, Gee: In real life, he's only 30 and is a decent pitcher (well, maybe stretching it a bit, that last point). In your game, however, he's 40! His defense is down, he cannot hold runners either, and one thing is for sure: at 40, he's got less upside potential than Huckaby and Kyrle! The rest of the guys in the bullpen have much better ERA's than Gee did.

The third guy, Page: I don't know. You're saying this guy was released by Cloud City (then signed by the Chicago Cubs to a minor league contract and promoted)? You may have a case there. Except . . . hmmm. Look at his ERA: over 5.00 for the past three and a half seasons. You know, ratings, even 100% accuracy, are not everything. The game could be looking at this pitcher's performance and seeing that he is not living up to his potential; again, if he is compared to other guys on the staff or down in the minors. Maybe your league is different, but a guy with a consistent 5.00+ ERA would be a candidate for dismissal in mine.

So frankly, TG, I think I agree with the game, not The Game, in all three cases. Don't throw anything at me. I'm strictly virtual to you and impervious!
Gee is the 2nd best pitcher on Skywalker and the best is out and they are just 4½ games behind my team. Less hits then IP, decent K/BB. Seeing this too often.
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