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New to Online League

I am interested in joining a league. I am new to online leagues with OOTP but not the requirements of an online base sim league. I played in a league for a few years with Strategic Baseball Simulator (SBS) which was a league that required weekly sims and uploading of league files and rotations.

I am open to leagues that require a commitment to forum participation. I am also good with weekly sims. If I am required to sim daily I am not your guy. Fictional is ok, but I would prefer modern era rules.

I would like the ability to set my own team up (name, city, state, logo, jersey, etc.) but I will deal with taking over a current team if it that is what is required to get started.

Lastly, if it is at all possible, I don't want to manage financials. If your league still has the option of allowing me to pass these duties on, that would be great.

Not sure how the process works after this post. I assume PM. If not,


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