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Okay, I got it to work. Here is how I did it:

First, I started earlier - 1958 to reduce the variables - fewer teams, and I shut off automatic expansion of the league.

Then I expanded the league myself to 20 teams, cleared the rosters and had an inaugural draft.

I played out the 1958 season before I tried anything too complicated.

I then expanded the league again to 24 teams.

having a massive free agent draft seems to make the system unhappy, at least on my computer.

So I had the list of players - thanks again to those of you who explained to me in another thread how to do this - loaded en masse from a text file directly to the first-year draft pool. I loaded around 120 players - all-time greats from before the period of the late 50s and 60s and 70s, or whose careers started at the end of or after that period.

I used the first season for each of the all-time greats I uploaded to the draft pool, so that their whole careers will occur during the 1960s and 1970s, which was both my interest - seeing how players I grew up watching did against all timers like Ruth or Pedro Martinez - he and Koufax in the same league at the same time for example...

I deleted a few important clones that were near the end of their careers - Ted Williams and Stan Musial, so I could have their entire careers instead.

So instead of a vast free agent draft, I had a new first-year player draft, incljding all the first-year players from 1959 plus the many all-time greats that I had uploaded.

I drafted for my team, the Yankees and let the auto-draft work for each round between my team's picks.

While a few teams seem a little under-powered, most have a pretty good team with a mix of 1959 and all time great players.

My team has:


Walter Johnson
Babe Ruth
Roger Craig
Dick Ellsworth

Bullpen: Larry Sherry, Gerry Staley and Clem Labine in middle relief, Don Cardwell in long relief, Ken Johnson just watching and Mariano Rivera as stopper and closer.

C - Yogi Berra and Jorge Posada
1B - Don Mattingly
2B - Bill Mazeroski
3B - Brooks Robinson
SS - Luis Aparicio
OF - Tony Gwynn, Kenny Lofton and Roberto Clemente, though a certain member of the starting rotation may move into RF in around 4-5 years time , so someone may get traded for more pitching at that point.

Felipe Alou and Ron Fairly back up OF and 1B and pinch hit, Granny Hamner, near the end of his career, Jose Pagan and Sparky Anderson in his one season (.218 in 400 plus AB) are the IF bench.

Each team has around 32-37 players on their roster, 25 on the active roster, the rest reserve. No minor leagues.

I will see how rosters look when baseball expands in 1960 and 1962 - it could be that the new players merely strengthen the bench all around the league, but if it looks like the teams are too deep with stars sitting down I may expand one more time to soak up the talent and spread it around.

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