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Originally Posted by actionjackson View Post
As I've been saying throughout this, what I'm seeing is that league totals are relatively fine. Great in fact. Using 1984 as a base year for every season, I should be seeing something close to .260/.323/.385/.708 with 4.26 R/G. I believe in the five year test sim I ran, it was something like a .262/.325/.383/.708 slash line with 4.32 R/G, which is absolutely within an acceptable range.

What I find unacceptable, and what I am objecting to is the number of "superhero" seasons (as David Watts calls them) that I'm seeing relative to what I was seeing in OOTP16. A lot has changed between OOTP16 and OOTP18 in historical games. One of the main things that has changed is the addition of the full minor league database. I'm wondering what the connection could be between that and having a surge in super-duper seasons. Is it affecting the ratings of the better players in the MLB database, and spiking them, causing too many superseasons?

The thing is, with random debut, there are no players from the minor league database to influence this. I don't pretend to know the answers to this stuff, or to be smart enough to figure out how to fix it. All I can say is, I don't like what I'm seeing in 18, and I'm pretty sure it was in 17 as well. If I had to point a finger at anything, it's going to be the introduction of the minor league database. That was a major overhaul that could potentially create a disruption in the distribution of the league-wide stats, which, as explained above, appear perfectly normal.
Random debut leagues should be played without minor leagues since it only imports major league players.

And in general, the minor league databas ehas no real influence on the results of the MLB simulation because very few players get from the minors to the majors unexpectedly and change the league in some way.

If the problem in general is some extreme seasons from some rare players while league averages are fine, then this is either a) bad luck or b) a ratings calculation bug.
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