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Originally Posted by pstrickert View Post
I know some people appreciate having all kinds of non-MLB leagues to choose from. Personally, Id like to see more attention paid to tightening up the historical MLB experience. Seems to me its gotten short-shrift for a while now.
I thought I would enjoy historical minors, but no matter how hard I try I just can't enjoy it. As an example, I started a season in the early 70's in which I was going to follow the Detroit Tigers. 3rd or 4th game of the season, Al Kaline went down with an injury. So, I expect to see Northrup in RF and Stanley in CF. Instead, the AI calls up some guy that never even sniffed the bigs and inserts him in RF and bats him 2nd in the order. I'm also not a fan of rotations being manned by guys that never made it out of the minors. I guess my main beef is, the guys in the minors are just that and the AI should see them that way. Instead, since the AI doesn't see names or real playing time, it promotes guys that clearly don't belong in a big league lineup. For me, this takes all the fun out of playing historical.

As you pointed out in another thread, real lineups need to have some form of roster limits. It would be great if the game could have real injuries and real promotions/demotions, but if that's not possible, a method of determining the top 25 players by playing time might be the way to go. Trying to maneuver through a 25 man pitching staff is not fun.

I've long been a proponent of the real transactions feature having it's very own injury setting option. This option would completely eliminate career ending injuries and limit in season injuries to 2 weeks or less. I know, (because someone will always tell me) that I could edit the injury file myself. I don't want to mess with a OOTP file. I play other ways as well. When I play random debuts, I use the high(realistic) setting for injuries. So, I'm not editing a file. I don't even care if the injury the player receives is an injury that couldn't heal in 2 weeks. By only having injuries last 2 weeks or less, I've already stepped into the twilight zone, so my imagination can change a torn labrum to a blister if need be. I just think it would be cool to play with real transactions, but still have to deal with not being able to pencil in Ty Cobb 154 games a season.
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