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Originally Posted by David Watts View Post
I know this is a different topic, but it was brought up, so.... If you play using the MLB Quickstart, you will see guys rated 100(or 80 if that scale is being used) at a position. If you play fictional you will see the same. Play historical and it's pretty much unheard of. A guy like Mark Belanger ends up on his teams bench because his glove is not valued enough to make him get the starting nod. I question whether the ratings in the database were changed to make the game more realistic or whether they were changed because time wise it took too much time to look at each player and give them the ratings that best represent his major league abilities. Adding 10 million minor league players, Negro league players and it looks like we are getting Japanese players too, might play into this.
I will revisit this during beta, maybe I can tweak the import of the ratings a bit and apply some sort of modifier top make the really good fielders better.

The other topic, I just simmed a random debut from 1946 to 1966 and all numbers looks fine to me, including individual seasons. No weird / unexplainable outliners. League averages were fine, too. This was in replay mode with ratings recalc, tomorrow I will run a league with career mode (and player dev enabled, recalc disabled), maybe this is a different story. What mode did you use?
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