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Originally Posted by Markus Heinsohn View Post
I will revisit this during beta, maybe I can tweak the import of the ratings a bit and apply some sort of modifier top make the really good fielders better.

The other topic, I just simmed a random debut from 1946 to 1966 and all numbers looks fine to me, including individual seasons. No weird / unexplainable outliners. League averages were fine, too. This was in replay mode with ratings recalc, tomorrow I will run a league with career mode (and player dev enabled, recalc disabled), maybe this is a different story. What mode did you use?
Markus, I've ran a random using 1 year recalc and "import historical modifiers for accuracy" from 1947 through 2015. Though, I did see some instances, like the above mentioned Melky Cabrera, for the most part the numbers were in the realm of believable. League average, OBP and ERA were a little high, but as a whole the league produced good numbers. In fact, Hank Aaron retired with 756 home runs. How cool is that?

The method of play that I'm having issues with is something that works great using 16, but produces super seasons with 18. This a method that is a little more time consuming to test because you have stop each season prior to opening day to reset things to a season of choice.

What I do is to start in 1984 (or any other season). After the first season begins I uncheck the box for "import historical modifiers for accuracy." I play out the season. I then proceed through the offseason and preseason, stopping a day or two before the next season begins. I then place a check in the box for "import historical modifiers for accuracy" and above I change the year (since I started in 84 and played one season it will now say 1985) back to 1984. The game runs the calculations(status bar moves across top of screen. Once calculations are finished, I once again remove the check mark from the "import historical modifiers for accuracy" box and play out my season. Rinse and repeat year after year.

One thing I do when playing this way is to also remove the check from the players creation modifiers once the first season starts. That way, the players are always imported with the creation modifiers from 1984. I've wondered at times if maybe the game is overriding that lack of check mark and using current day player modifiers. But, I'm not sure if that would create the super seasons I'm seeing.

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