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Originally Posted by Markus Heinsohn View Post
Well, we discussed that in length already, and there is nothing we can do here, except for revisiting the fielding ratings in the DB, although they do look better right now IMO. The game will never be able to replicate the success / failure of teams vastly over/underperforming in real life, which was the core issue you complained about IIRC.
IIRC, I began seeing in OOTP18 results I had not seen in previous versions of the game when simming the 1974 season (and other seasons). Instead of being a virtual lock to win the AL West, for example, the ‘74 A’s struggled to win the division even half the time. So, I began investigating. Turns out that the A’s defensive ratings took a major hit in v18 compared to earlier versions. Instead of getting comparable wins and losses (and ERA) compared to real life (as in pre-OOTP18 versions), the A’s generally underperformed in OOTP18. I could cite other examples, but this one was the most noticeable and disturbing. I have a hard time believing that the game is producing more accurate results than it used to.

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