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Originally Posted by Empty View Post
I've played 6 seasons and not once did one of the top 2 teams win any pick. I reran the lottery for last season's draft 15+ times and got the same result. The odds of both teams not winning any pick in that many lotteries is extremely low, so I doubt that it's just terrible luck.
It's not that low. I mean, the lowest total point team is only at 18% chance of winning. I think 2nd is something around 13%. Regardless, last place has a near 50% chance of moving all the way down to 4th.

However it's quite possible that something isn't working right if you've ran it that many times. We'll make sure to look into it.

(For anyone else interested on approximate lottery odds, here's a few years old article - but I'm 95% sure the odds haven't changed - )

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