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NBA Thread 2011-2012

I may be the only contributer to this thread. But I will give it a shot.

I became a hardcore fan only about 2 seasons ago but the sport has quickly became my #2 favorite sport.
For some reason I am really excited about this upcoming season. Maybe because it was saved from disaster at the last minute.

Anyways, this should be a fast and furious offseason.
The list of free agents is small and not very deep but a few good pieces can be had. Some decent swingmen and second tier centers.

On the trade docket there is already the huge news that Chris Paul may be headed to the Lakers.
It looked like a sure thing a few hours ago but seems to be put on hold now.
That would have to be the biggest trade of the offseason

Does anyone have any season predictions? I reserve the right to change mine up until Dec 25th. But right now I would say Thunder-Heat in the finals with the Heat coming out on top.
I think a 66 game schedule is perfect for them and they are going to tear up teams this year.
But things could rapidly change depending on trades and free agency.

And is Lamar Odom is traded away from LA, what is the over under on the divorce? I give it 45 days.
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