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1924-25 NHL Regular Season

The league has been infused with two new teams and some top level young talent. The Maroons and the Bruins will be bad, but the league is very wide open.

The Maroons visited Boston in both franchises first NHL game. Both teams are made up of scraps and will need a few years to build up their teams, but early looks suggest Boston is ahead of the Maroons.

It turns out the biggest addition to the NHL from a WCHL team during the offseason was one I didnít report. Frank Boucher, coming off 50 points in 30 games for Seattle joined the Senators. Boucher was picked 2nd overall in 1919. Boucher is dominating the NHL. Heís got 19 points, in his first 9 games. Heís leading the league in goals, assists, and obviously points! He also has Ottawa in first place. Itís possible Ottawa now has the best forward, the best D in Hap Day, and the best goalie, in Alex Connell in all of hockey!

Frank Boucher

The Maroons acquire a true starting goalie.

Montreal picks up Hap Holmes from Toronto. Holmes is 32, but heís legit. Heís started 116 games over the years in Toronto, including 14 this season, where he put up an 8-4-1 record, with a 2.01 GAA and a .905 SP. The Maroons have been playing a few guys in net, and need some stability, and some talent. They give up a 2nd round pick, which will probably be the 7th pick in the draft. Toronto now turns to 24 year old John Ross Roach, who was acquired from Hamilton in the offseason. Roach is a pretty solid netminder.

The day after that trade, the Habs waived their starting goalie Hal Winkler, who is claimed by the Maroons. Winkler is 10-0-1 this year. Just like that, Maroon have some depth in goal! The Canadiens still have George Hainsworth, who missed the first half of the season with injury. So I guess as soon as he was healthy, Winkler was let go.

Hal Winkler

3 days later, with the addition of Winkler, Montreal trades Hap Holmes again. Holmes goes to Boston for a 2nd round pick, the same thing they acquired him for. Holmes becomes the Bruins clear starter. Goalie for EVERYONE!!

Hap Holmes

Final Standings

Montreal wins the league and gets a bye in the playoffs. Toronto and Ottawa will now play to see who takes on the Habs.

Frank Boucher settled down. He finished the year with 35 points. Not quite the pace he started the season with. Nels Stewart and Cy Denneny tie for the scoring title. Howie Morenz finishes with 43 points in 26 games.
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