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Originally Posted by Carlton View Post
When you create a MAJOR league and not a minor league, independent one, then the game must fill it with players.

Go into your name and affiliations of your second league and make sure it's at AAA level and you have Allow ghost players (I think that checkmark is in the Rules tab)
Thought I had already responded to this but looks like my reply didn't go through. I have been able to create the teams initially without players but where I run into issues is at the end of the first season (and subsequent) seasons where the game creates the new players without any history or indication of where they come from.

I'm going to try making my new league an international league based in the US to see if this makes any difference, but hoping this won't cause issues elsewhere in the game.

EDIT - Tried something new and upgraded to OOTP15 - thrilled to discover a new option to block the league from creating free agents. Awesome result, very happy with this!!

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